Work stoppage

I’ll admit this is somewhat meaningless fluff on Hoboken411, but this project on the corner of 6th and Adams has been stuck in the mud forever and a day. A great big eye-sore for the residents in the area.

Now they have a STOP WORK order on the fence (issued 10/18), indicating that they didn’t file for proper permits (NJ code 5:23-2.14).

Will they ever get moving on it? What’s the deal?

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Yes, I noticed the black hats in there one Saturday and all I could think was “where did they come from?” They had to walk, right??? This is the site that was formerly YogaCabana. Then they tore it down.

kooky kat

Not sure who owns it now xavier, but I do know this. Last year or 2 years ago, someone bought this place and turned it into a Temple during the High Holidays. After the holidays were over, they sold the building. Also, I was told that the building itself had termite issues and needed to be torn down no matter who bought it.

And you’re right, stop work? It never really started, I have seen them working maybe a total of 10 days since they tore the building down. I will ask my italian club friends what the scoop is and report back, 411.


What work was there to stop?? This site has been dormant for at least six months, possibly nine. It’s right next to one of Hoboken’s many fine Italian social clubs, so I wonder if one of the members actually owns it.