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Blue Ribbon Liquors opens again in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy

Blue Ribbon Open in Hoboken NJ after hurricane SandyHere’s another post Hurricane Sandy update about a friendly neighborhood liquor store & bodega from Hoboken411 reader Katharine:

“With so many closings after Super Nightmare Sandy, I was thrilled to see Blue Ribbon open back up last week. I’m genuinely excited that our neighborhood store is back open.

They had a hard run and for a while it looked like it was closed for good from the flooding and damage. The family that runs it is truly lovely and the wine options are better than some liquor stores (I’m looking at you, Hoboken Discount Liquors). They now have new floors, fridges and freezers fully stocked with the standard bodega meets yuppies rations.

It was great to hear a steady stream of “Congratulations” from other customers while I was finding my wine.”

We stopped by a few days ago to snap these photos – and picked up a bottle of Malbec for only $5.99! Good prices indeed! Welcome back to the ‘hood, Blue Ribbon!

Description: Blue Ribbon Liquors, beer, wine, and more. Neighborhood bodega.
Address: 450 1st St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 792-2294

JN Liquors before Blue Ribbon back in 2006 in Hoboken!

Hoboken411 has been online a long time!

JN Liquors before it became Blue Ribbon in Hoboken NJ

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Good to see them bounce back after such a terrible hit.


Yeah, it’s the same. I just picked up a bottle of wine there last Saturday. Still a decent selection of wine and beer for a bodega.


The awning has been painted over yet again…now it is Blue Ribbon Liquors. I think the only thing changed is the sign; looks the same inside.