Week in Review 10/22/2006

Happy Sunday. Today we’ll be a bit occupied with the Hoboken House Tour, and then NFL football for most of the day, but here’s a quick recap of what happened in last week:

News, items of importance:

Town Government:


  • Hoboken House Tour
    That is TODAY! Go check out what goes on behind the scenes in many fabulous Hoboken homes.
  • Hoboken Artists Studio Tour
    Get a brief glimpse at what a day milling around town and seeing local artists is all about.

New or Coming Soon:

  • Solid Threads
    A new “trendy” but “vintage” t-shirt store makes it’s debut on First Street.
  • Teak Sushi
    More updates on this behemoth of a restaurant scheduled to open on Tuesday, October 24th.
  • Shades of Hoboken
    They’ve been quiet, but they’re hoping to open VERY soon!
  • New Brick Oven Pizza
    A quick snapshot of the progress they’re making on interior construction.


  • Velocity Condos
    May not be “officially” doomed, but when a project is stuck in the mud for over six months, you begin to worry.


  • Mesh Spa
    A female perspective on one of the newest spas in Hoboken.
  • NY Milkshake Company
    A quick snack to see how they’re doing in their first week of operation.
  • Texas Arizona
    A recent glowing review in the Hoboken Reporter had us scratching our heads.
  • Elysian Cafe
    A quick follow-up regarding their good valued Monday 2 for 1 special.
  • Mikie Squared
    A local Hoboken blogger expresses himself about their brunch selections.
  • Maxwell’s
    Our second meal review in six months confirms that they have consistently delicious food.

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Check the Incident Map
    As usual, wacky things happen and you can’t read about most of them anywhere else.


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– 10/8/2006
– 10/1/2006
– 9/24/2006

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