Get your hair cut: help with Gulf oil spill!


Get Your Hair Cut For A Good Cause

To help with the Gulf oil spill!

Besides National Bike to Work Week – this week is also “Get your hair cut for a good cause” week – where hair clippings are being collected to help sop up the oily mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

Participating salons in Hoboken are: Studio Z, Roma, Imago, Emanuel’s, Hoboken Buzz Cuts and BangZ.

Collection effort is sponsored by Not Yo Mama’s Affairs, and all hair clipping will be donated to non-profit: “MATTER OF TRUST.”

What exactly is this “Hair-Brained” Project??

“As millions of gallons of oil float toward the Gulf Coast, tons of one eminently renewable resource is being shipped in to stop it: HAIR!

You shampoo your hair because hair collects oil. Hair is very efficient at gathering oil out of the air, off surfaces like your skin, and out of the water, even petroleum oil. Hair is adsorbent (as in “clings to” unlike absorbent which is to “soak up.”)

Matter of Trust, an environmental non-profit, has helped clean up oil spills in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond since 1998 by reusing donated hair clippings from hair salons, barber shops, pet groomers, and wool farmers. By stuffing this donated hair into recycled nylon stockings, this organization creates highly absorbent “booms” to contain oil spills. A pound of hair can absorb one quart of oil in one minute. And hair mats can be wrung out and reused up to 100 times.

Jersey City and Hoboken Area Salons are sweeping up their hair clippings (both human and pet) into plastic garbage bags and mailing them to temporary warehouses, set up by Matter of Trust, along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Volunteers are building booms on site hoping to hold off the encroaching oil slick.

Mother Nature doesn’t make waste, only opportunities. Why throw away hundreds of thousands of pounds of natural, renewable fiber each day that is far more effective and could easily be recycled and used for this purpose.

So if your planning on getting your hair cut soon? Or taking your pet to the groomer this month – Ask your neighborhood Salon if they are participating in this “Hair Drive” – and if not, have them contact:
Not Yo Mamas Affairs at 917.553.6839 or email: to get set up!”

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Whatever works. I hope we’re not just gunking up the sea more with hair, hay and chopped up golf balls.


Hay is better.

but the Obama would rather use toxic chemicals to cause even more damage to the gulf.


This is such a great idea. I am in need of a haircut. I’ve been putting it off. I’m going to make a hair appointment in a bit.