Mimi Kids Yoga: 1001 Bloomfield

9/24/2010 Update:

Mimi Kids Yoga now open in Hoboken!

Earlier this week – Mimi Kids Yoga opened up for business at 1001 Bloomfield Street. It may be called “Mimi Kids,” but they also offer a full slate of adult classes from beginner to expert – even older folks and seniors too! See their website for full schedule – or call 201-222-1814 for more information.

Loving what you do is infectious!

Owner Lisa Usherovich has this message for the readers:

“Hello Hoboken! When I first moved here 6 years ago I never would have imagined how much I would love it. My hubby and I gone from living together, to marriage, to kids since we first moved to Hoboken and with each year we love it more and more.

Over the years I had a whole slew of jobs most of them required me being dressed up for work every day sitting behind my desk from 9-5 doing work for someone else. Eventually, I realized that was not me at all, I decided to take a leap and do something I love! I found yoga, then I found kids yoga and I had my “AHA! moment,” where I realized i could combine everything I love into one!

So it’s true, I spend all day with no shoes on, in comfy pants playing with kids and then I get to do it at night when I teach adults. I LOVE MY JOB! And now I get to spread the love by bringing you MiMi Kids Yoga (ADULTS TOO!) a place where we are serious about yoga, but we approach our teaching in a fun loving way where we say it’s ok to laugh in a class and have a smile on your face. Your first class is FREE so come in and bring a friend (yoga is always more fun with friends).”

Believe me – Lisa is excited and passionate about her business, and it shows! Nothing like interacting with someone who truly believes in what they’re doing. Now don’t you wish everyone out there was like that?


7/31/2010 Update:

Healthy stuff for children in Hoboken: Mimi Kids Yoga

Thank God another Realty office didn’t take the place of the old Brian David Realtors location at 1001 Bloomfield (they’re downtown on First St. now). While it would have been nice to have a casual pub, the fact that Mimi Kids Yoga is now occupying the space, goes to show you the transition towards a more family-friendly town Hoboken has been going through.

Mimi Kids Yoga Hoboken NJ 1001 Bloomfield Street - Mimi Kids Yoga: 1001 Bloomfield

“MIMI Kids began with a simple idea, after having practiced yoga for several years I wanted to find a way to get my children involved in something that I was doing that had so dramatically changed my life. I thought, what better way then to teach them everything I have learned thus far. I wanted to do it in a way that they are being inspired through having fun. So we dabbled in some yoga poses and had a few laughs while practicing our Down Dog and Tree Pose.

Inspiration comes at every corner. Having been so inspired by the joy that I saw on the faces of my kids while we were practicing it came to me. Why not combine my love of children with my love of Yoga?

As it so happens when I was doing my adult teacher training at Devotion Yoga, the opportunity came to do a teacher training for children. I could not believe how lucky I was to be in the right place at the right time. I signed myself up with Neney’s Yoginis, completed my teacher training and off I went! To teach and inspire.

During the beginning stages of my teaching I wanted to find a way to help my students hold the poses that we were practicing. Thus, MIMI Kids was born! MIMI stands for “Me, I, Myself, I” a mantra that the children use while practicing yoga poses. Not only does this mantra help them to keep their focus, it also inspires them to build self confidence and a stronger sense of self.

The goal of MIMI Kids is to create a safe and loving environment for children to learn and grow. Healthy kids are happy kids and yoga is a great way to nourish them mind, body and spirit.


Description: Yoga instruction for kids.
Address: 1001 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-1814
Web: http://www.mimikidsyoga.com

See previous speculation of what should have come to this space after the jump!


Please no more Real Estate offices!

The spot on the northeast corner of 10th and Bloomfield Streets is a beautiful location. Formerly held by BrianDavid Realtors (who moved downtown) – and long before that was home to HomeSlice – which is around the corner on Washington Street now.

With this storefront now empty, and for rent – what would be a decent business to occupy the space?

My vote is for another chill, low-key bar – considering the area is somewhat in need of a refreshing update.

What should come next to 1001 Bloomfield Street Hoboken NJ - Mimi Kids Yoga: 1001 Bloomfield

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Interesting motivation, get them involved in what YOU’RE DOING… I wonder what the centuries of yoga masters would think of that motivation?


You know you’re really in trouble when the realtors start jumping off the sinking ship.


at 9k a month there isn’t much worth putting there. Selling 100 $3 dollar items 7 days a week just to make the lease is a bit much. I know a few people with liquor licenses that say it’s only zoned for retail anyway.


It is $4500 [quote comment=”192552″]at 9k a month there isn’t much worth putting there. Selling 100 $3 dollar items 7 days a week just to make the lease is a bit much. I know a few people with liquor licenses that say it’s only zoned for retail anyway.[/quote]


I think AD looked at the place but it needed a lot of work to turn it into a restaurant type place (no kitchen and no kitchen-ventilation).

I’d take a specialty food store – like the new place that opened up next to Zafra (owned by the chef from zafra and cucharamamma). I think it’s called Ultramarinos. I heard their coffee and hot chocolate are unreal.


Maybe Anthony David can put additional tables in there and have the waiters dodge cars while balancing plates of Eggs Benedict.