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[411 note: This entry is now closed to comments, since it changed to Dino & Harry’s. Please go to that new entry to comment on the restaurant going forward.]

7/17/2008 Reader Mail Update:

Now that Dino & Harry’s is on it’s way, a female Hoboken411 reader is offering up some pretty good advice.

Petite menu?

“Not everyone wants a huge 40oz steak….it would be nice if they could add the following ‘smaller’ menu items like at Del Friscos (my FAVORITE) (mine too). Women would be very HAPPY!!

Such as:

  • Sliced Steak Salad sliced strip steak over mixed greens
  • Filet Mignon 6 oz with chateau potatoes

What do you think? If you’re a woman, would you be more inclined to eat there if they offered similar selections?

7/3/2008 Update:

As you already know, Frankie & Johnnie’s name is changing. But if you were planning on eating there soon, please note that it’s closed until July 14th.

hoboken frankie johnnies dino harrys closed vacation - Frankie & Johnnie's

6/19/2008 Update:

Here’s a Hoboken411 reader email that’s both an update about Frankie & Johnnie’s (and one of the many “thank you” notes I receive each week! Golly-gee, I’m blushing!)

Frankie, Johnnie, Dino & Harry

“Dear Hoboken411,

Thank you so much for all that you do to make the community of Hoboken even stronger. My husband and I really appreciate your website – it allows us to keep informed about the “goings on” around town. It is very apparent how much you sacrifice of yourself to provide such an amazing resource. Thank you so much! Please know how much your work is appreciated.

I wanted to give you a quick scoop that you may already have heard about: Frankie and Johnnie’s will be changing its name to Dino and Harry’s! I guess there has been a legal battle among the Frankie and Johnnie’s “cousin” owners. Dino, the long-term owner and manager of F&J’s Hoboken will become the sole owner of this part of the chain. In order to keep control of the place, he needs to change the name, hence Dino and Harry’s. I have been assured by the bartender that nothing will change (staff, menu, music, decor, etc.) He believed that this was a change in name only, and that things could only improve at the restaurant.

I hope that this helps. Keep up all of the good work!”

How does that change the “historical” landscape of Hoboken?

See previous updates after the jump…

7/23/2007 Update:

Exterior Makeover.

frankie and johnnies hoboken july 16 2007 - Frankie & Johnnie's

Description – Fine Restaurant & Piano Bar.Fine dining. See website for menu. Zagat rated. Entrée price range $21-$37.
Services – Restaurant – Salads, pasta, Steak, Seafood
Website –
Address – 163 14th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4452
Telephone – (201) 659-6202, Fax – (201) 659 3389

Frankie%20and%20Johnnies - Frankie & Johnnie's

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