Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet

Drive Through Beer & Soda outlet


Description – Drive through Beer & Soda outlet
Services –
Soda, beer, keg beer, water, and juice in all sizes
Website –
Address –
559 Newark St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-6552
Telephone –
(201) 792-2776, Fax – (201) 792-4148

HBSO%201 - Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet

HBSO - Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet

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Monday, March 8, 2010 4:19 pm

I have lived across the street from the Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet for over 2 years. I purchase my bottled water there and when I have guests I purchase my soda and beer there also. This past Friday, 3/6/10, I purchased 2 kegs of beer from them. I got great service from Mike and his team during the purchase. However, when I returned the 2 kegs and the tap I received disgusting/insulting/derogatory/inflammatory service from Joe. I guess because I was dressed casually, ball cap, black hooded sweatshirt, etc., and didn’t drive a car into the establishment Joe assumed I was a thief and was attempting to pass off a competitors beer tap for his and secure a $30 refund that I was not entitled too. Instead of politely asking for my receipt he looked at the tap, looked me up and down and proceeded to challenge me about the origin of the beer tap. Long-story-short, I produced my receipt and was refunded my deposit. After receiving my refund I returned the 2 promotional $10 gift cards Mike gave me on Friday. I told Joe I would not need them. He attempted to defend his actions instead of offering a sincere apology. Hopefully he takes this experience as a learning moment, and remembers the future success of his business is not guaranteed and it is only as secure as the service he gives to all his customers.

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