Stolen Mums

This poor lady who loves her mums more than anything else had them stolen the other night from 828 Park Avenue.

She replaced the flowers and posted a sign to tell everyone which mums were stolen:

1- White
1- Rust
1- Purple

If you see these mums in a place they might not belong, report it immediately!!!


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this is horrible and sad. poor lady is trying to take pride in her home and some asshole has to steal mums? I used to live on this ghetto block when I first moved to hoboken. it’s the worst block in hoboken besides the projects. they have dirty ass people hanging on the streets all night. i used to cry myself to sleep everynight when i lived here, I was so scared. anyways, one of the dirty assholes who used to keep me up at night probably stole them.


I’d say it’s hard to imagine – sad to say it really isn’t hard to imagine at all!


She put fertilizer that causes infertility on them next time so the little vermin who stole them can’t reproduce.

j/k I kid, I kid.


Who doesn’t love thier mums.


She is very sweet and her mums are a nice touch.