Strange activity at the PATH

9:46PM Update:

The dogs came up with nothing, and this exercise in futility is now over.

8:54PM Update:

Now it seems as if the caller had indicated a bomb was going to explode in the PATH station at 10 minutes past the hour. I’m assuming that means 9:10PM. The police are now deciding whether to evacuate the station while the dogs sniff the area, or just have the dogs come in without alerting the commuters.

If it were true, it’s a scary situation. I’ll keep updating as necessary.

This event has been quite difficult to piece together, but it seems serious.

Some kind of 911 call came in from a payphone near the PATH station. The HPD didn’t mention what it was about over the airwaves, they indicated that the officer should CALL headquarters to get the details.

Apparently NJ Transit Police and the Port Authority Police are now also involved.

Now they have a K9 unit coming down to “sweep the area”, which leads me to believe that the call was something about a suspicious package containing some kind of bomb or chemical.

Could be a prank call, which is ridiculous, but phony or not, the authorities have to treat it as if it were real.

If I hear more, I’ll update this post.

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