Winds wreaking havoc in Hoboken


Tree loses giant limb on First Street

Today’s blustery winds are doing more than knocking hats off in Hoboken – about half an hour ago, a giant part of a tree came crashing down on First Street between Garden and Bloomfield Streets.
Hoboken Police and Fire quickly responded to the scene. Seems that one car got the brunt of the fall.

Pictures from Melanie and yours truly:

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I stayed in for a good portion of the day tackling housework. And just when I was beginning to feel good about not being outside in those treacherous winds, I realized that A LOT of dust made its way into our apartment from our open windows. A LOT. Like a layer of gray all over our floors and furniture.

Gah. I shut the windows and swept and cleaned up as best I could.


About an hour ago, a tree broke in half at Church Sq. Park, crushing a little kid, I’d say about 8 years old. When pulled out from under the tree, the kid had quite a gash on the back of his head and was walked to the hospital.