Daniels Wine & Liquor gets makeover!

7/28/2010 Update:

Daniel`s gets a much-needed makeover

Times change, and so do Hoboken neighborhoods…

Businesses can either follow the trend or be left behind. The neighborhood around the corner of Newark and Garden has seen dramatic change over the past 15 years. The proximity to the PATH station sparked a surge in redevelopment. Old buildings were rehabbed, new infill construction filled in gaps and the oversized Archstone apartment building went up on a blighted block.

New residents meant new businesses to appeal to them. Legal Beans thrives on the corner. Anastasia’s moved in, and just a block away upscale furniture and bridal shops moved on to First Street to cater to newer residents of the neighborhood.

Daniels Wine and Liquor Hoboken NJ 87 Garden Street 1 - Daniels Wine & Liquor gets makeover!

Through the revitalization, Daniels Liquor and Wine appeared to be stuck in the 80’s. That is, at least from the outside.

On the inside the variety of wines and beers evolved with the neighborhood clientele, and service was always offered with a smile. On the outside it was, well, a little dated. Not any more. The old purple, lighted signs are gone, replaced by tasteful awnings with subdued script. The dingy white exterior walls have been repainted in earth tone hues reminiscent of the well-maintained building across the street.

Lunar crust sidewalk finally replaced!

The best news for the hundreds of people who walk this street every day: what could quite possibly be the worst sidewalk in Hoboken is finally being fixed. That’s great for the many high-heel wearing women, stroller-pushers and the elderly with walkers who had trouble traversing a sidewalk that resembled the surface of the Moon.

Lunar Sidewalk near Daniels Wine and Liquors in Hoboken NJ repaired - Daniels Wine & Liquor gets makeover!

The name has also been changed from Daniel’s “Liquor and Wine” to “Wine and Liquor,” perhaps reflecting the change in alcoholic tastes of the typical far downtown Hoboken resident over the decades. When you call Daniel’s for delivery (201-656-9997), congratulate them on their evolution!

See more of the transformation below in the photo gallery.

And see how it looked back in the day – after the jump!

Description: Daniel’s sells wine, beer and liquor. Delivery available.
Address: 87 Garden St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-656-9997

daniels liquor - Daniels Wine & Liquor gets makeover!s

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Thursday, July 29, 2010 9:30 pm

Nice to class up the ‘hood a bit. There are many other areas in Hoboken that could use this makeover.

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