The attack of the 50 Foot Permit!


Bionic Eyes Required!

Like any municipality, proper permits are supposed to be attained for most construction jobs. As such, it’s also required that said permits are publicly displayed. I’m just wondering what the process is when it comes to verifying the permit itself. What would stop anyone from photoshopping a yellow permit and just placing in their window high up? Do construction code officials drive around all day double-checking?

Should all permits for multi-story dwellings be posted at street level?

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Haha, Hoboken doing inspections. Funny one.


I got permits for work on my 2nd floor apartment. I asked this question to the guys in the Construction Office at City Hall and I was told to display them in my window, despite being on the 2nd floor — so they know which unit has permits. If you have a permit in your window and there’s no record of you paying for a permit — well I think you’d get a major fine. Its somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000.