Parking taken from residents


Most of us enjoy events in town, such as yesterday’s Arts & Music Festival. But at what cost should it come to Hoboken residents?

Is there a better alternative?

As you know, the large “street fair” Hoboken has twice a year, takes up nearly eight long blocks on Washington Street (and up to 250 parking spots). Additionally, dozens of other spots along Sinatra Drive were also taken away from residents – for (mostly out of town) vendors who participated – and profited – from yesterday’s festival. God only knows how many resident’s cars were ticketed and towed to clear the way.

  • Should the festival be moved? Maybe to Pier A – all the way to Sinatra Park?
  • Should residents be offered free parking elsewhere during this day as well?

If just seems a bit improper to punish locals for the benefit of others.

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What I learned and thought was extremely interesting was the requirement for vendors to only sell soda that was from a specific vendor.

This is why there were forklifts driving around all over the place apparently with pallets of coke, diet coke, sprite, etc.

If you sold something that was not carried then it was “OK” to do so.

I wonder who paid and got what out of this deal… I’m sure that the rights to only sell a certain soda product at a fair like the one in Hoboken can not come cheap.