Homeless near Lackawanna

A reader sent this picture he took on Saturday afternoon.

A half-dozen or more homeless men were camped out by the Lackawanna train terminal, with all their gear, carts, etc. They had quite an operation going here. I’m surprised they didn’t start erecting a structure for themselves. Do these men know that Hoboken has a great shelter for them on 3rd and Bloomfield?

I know this area is going through some redevelopment, but I’m wondering why the Hoboken or NJ Transit Police don’t shoo these guys away? Or is there some kind of tolerance for this in this area?


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Sometimes when I pass by the usual few begging for scraps, I feel bad for them and potentially think of giving them a couple of coins. Then I realize that if I do it once, they’ll expect it form me every time. The last thing I want to do is change my daily walking habits to avoid them because they’re obviously not doing anything themselves to get back on track, so why should I have to help?


[quote comment=”4759″]You can thank your Liberal buddies in the ACLU for causing the homeless problems you see.

The police were able to pick up the homless and lock them up in mental hospitals but they prefered to have them laying around on the street. Way to go!

Vote Democrate, Vote Communist.[/quote]

Wrong way around.

After deinstitutionalization way back when TPTB never got around to setting up anywhere for the chronically mentally ill to go instead. Now they make up a fair fraction of the homeless and prison populations.


Didn’t anyone ever learn anything from the song “Mr. Wendel” by Arrested Development? “To give him money isn’t charity, he gives me some knowledge, I buy him some shoes… and to think blacks spend all their money on big colleges, still most y’all come out confused…”
Go ‘head, Mr. Wendel.


Vote ????!
Wait, it doesn’t matter anyway! Thay are all Crooks and Liers!


Vote Quimby!