Hoboken parking fines are out of control!


Hoboken411 reader Ryan – who just moved to Hoboken recently, already got a very unfriendly “welcome” from the city.

Hoboken Parking Utility boot SUV - Hoboken parking fines are out of control!

$308 Dollars in one single day!

“Hey Hoboken411,

I just wanted to share a story that happened the other day. I haven’t lived in Hoboken very long, but have followed the website because I had friends who went to Stevens and others who lived here for a while and I liked to keep up on the events that happened here since they seemed so cool yet under the radar.

While completing my move to Hoboken the other day I think I may have set a record for parking violations in less than 24 hours… while in 1 spot, without moving. Now, I admit guilt to 75% of the offenses, I’m not a complainer, but one seems to be a bit harsh. Here’s the story….

See how Ryan got financially socked in the jaw – after the jump!

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($308 in One Day, continued…)

“I’ve moved down, but kept my car at my mother’s place in NY, but I needed to bring some last things down because she’s moving. I bring the car down on Thursday morning, park it on Washington and unload my stuff and head to work. Mistake #1 by me, I was there during street cleaning! My bad, I was wrong and accept the ticket and fine ($45). I got the ticket at 8:38am. 5 hours later I get a boot, WHOA!, but still my bad! I don’t have a resident parking permit yet. Even though I thought that boots were reserved for those who have many outstanding parking tickets that have been ignored. At least that’s how it works in many places that I’ve dealt with. Either way, it’s their call and I’m wrong.

I come home later that day to find the boot fee is $150 and the ticket was $68 (the ticket wasn’t on my car, but when I returned the boot the attendant the next day [Friday] he told me it would show up in the city’s records. Thanks for the info, bro.). I need to firgure out how to pay the boot, I can’t do it until Friday morning because I’ve found this out when I’ve come home and funds ain’t that available without some movement after thinking. At least I have 48 hours to get the boot off before they tow me! I’m totally in the wrong. Here comes the small issue I have. I wake up in morning and I have another street cleaning ticket for $45 dollars.

Thus the $308 total in less than 24 hours. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down!

This is the only one I have a problem with. It came 18 hours after having a boot put on my car. I can’t couldn’t move it if I wanted to, and I wanted to! I love that my new town has street cleaning on the main drag 5 days a week, that’s great, but can’t you at least give someone at least a day to sort out a boot situation? I hope the fines that I pay go toward great things for my new neighborhood, but I have a problem with the last $45.

Listen, I was wrong and I’m fine with that, but that last one was a kick in the balls! I left work at 1pm to take care of all of this and moved my car into a garage for the rest of the day like a good boy. I’ve purchased temporary parking permits and plan to follow all the rules. I just thought that $308 in 1 day was pretty incredible, so I thought I’d send the story.

I know you’ve been a resident here for a very long time and may have smirked while reading this and mouthed that I deserve all of them, and yeah, I do for the most part (or all, I just may be an asshole). I just thought the amount in fines was pretty amazing for a car that didn’t move for 24 hours. And couldn’t for 20 of them for that matter.

Thanks for the great site and all the awesome info!”


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Monday, May 3, 2010 2:22 pm

Ryan – you were wrong. It sucks. but true.

anyways – if you fight the ticket/boot, they will almost certainly eliminate part of your tickets due to it being your first offense. I know many people that have done this, and I didn’t know that when I got booted once. My situation was annoying and unique, because it was a street that wasn’t marked one side as residents only, years ago. then when i got back from vaca, i parked on the right, with the brand new residents only signs up, and got a ticket at 8:01am the next morning. didn’t see the signs when i parked the night before returning from the airport. but i parked right in front of it, so figured i had no argument.

turns out, many people i know all fought their first boot, and all got the fee waived (ticket maybe, maybe had to pay for the boot – don’t remember the specifics).

anyways, if it’s not a challenge to take a day off, it might be worth it!

Monday, May 3, 2010 11:48 am

All I have to say is, “Welcome to Hoboken!”

Monday, May 3, 2010 8:59 am

I guess they should regulate a “mercy” setting for illegal parking. Once you get enough in fines (according to Ryan’s criteria) you should just get notes under your wiper informing you “you could have gotten ticketed” for additional offenses. Screw the rights of whoever would have legally parked there until you are good and ready to move your vehicle.

Monday, May 3, 2010 2:14 am

I feel bad for Ryan and think the ordinance should be amended to give someone a grace period to deal with a boot (24 or 48 hours). That way subsequent tickets could be dismissed by a judge, depending on circumstances.

Saturday, May 1, 2010 5:26 pm

Hi Ryan welcome to Hoboken!! Once you get your resident parking sticker feel free to double park on Adams between 1st & 2nd if you can’t find a spot near your home 🙂

Reply to  Stpaddygirl
Monday, May 3, 2010 12:36 am

LOL, this is true.

Hoboken NEVER has parking anymore.

In response to Stpaddygirl who said:

Hi Ryan welcome to Hoboken!! Once you get your resident parking sticker feel free to double park on Adams between 1st & 2nd if you can’t find a spot near your home 🙂

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