Stevens Fire issues

Over the past few days the Fire Dept is going somewhere at Stevens an average of over three times a day.

The college that cried wolf.

What’s the deal with Stevens Tech?

It seems as if there is an alarm activation at least once a day at this college! What do you think is causing this?

Each time I hear it, it’s one of many things.. cooking, welding, pot smoking, etc

But it’s never a REAL fire! C’mon already. Stop making the hard-working fire personnel get up when then can be attending to real fires. This is out of contol. Every day is too much. Anyone?

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seems like there smart enough to get into stevens college but cant microwave popcorn what idiots!!!!


people don’t know how to microwave popcorn without setting off an alarm


I work at another local college, and there were so many alarms that the fire dept. stopped coming there altogether unless they received a verbal confirmation that there actually was a fire. Since the horrible and fatal Seton Hall fire, that practice has stopped, but suffice it to say: college students have too much fun pulling and/or tricking the fire alarm.


My freshman door was so bad we took bets on how long till the next false alarm. Students started to ignore them, until we had some real fires.

3 years latter when 15 of students that had been freshmen with me went to Oxford, we still slept in clothes you could evacuate in. So when there was fire in the door we were the only student dress out in the quad. Someone thought we must be guilty because we were dressed. We had to explain the 5 alarms a night every weekend.


[quote comment=”4638″]
I could only remember one time where the smoke was great enough in a room to spill out in the hallway.[/quote]
Guess they forgot the duct tape.