Hoboken’s Flagship Ambulance


Donations help Hoboken EMS update fleet!

You may have seen one of the various posts here about supporting the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps – and today you can see what those donations can turn into.

Three weeks ago, the Hoboken EMS took delivery of their best ambulance ever.
“134” as it’s referred to, is similar in look and size to the previous vehicle (which was on it’s last legs), but comes with many important life-saving improvements besides just a new color scheme!

Sergeant of Supplies Doug DeNoia gave Hoboken411 a brief rundown of the goodies:

  • More space inside. Six inches wider, additional storage for essential gear.
  • “Official” space for second patient (whereas previously it was jury-rigged)
  • Extra “wet gear” in case a water rescue is required
  • An “Ez-Glide” assist device for quicker and safer transport up and down precarious stairs
  • The loudest air horn ever. Get those dim-witted drivers out of your way!

The new ambulance cost around $120,000 (they got their first dings and dents out of the way already!) – and on top of the standard vehicular warranty, comes with a 10 year warranty for the “ambulatory” portion. This warranty also covers all other existing vehicles in their fleet as well (work has to be done out of Hoboken, though). The shiny new mobile life-saver is an American Emergency Vehicles product.

Congrats on the new ride, Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance!

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The horn is loud, no question. Got outta the way when it was coming up behind me the other day. One question. What are the rules when responding to an emergency? The driver blew threw a red light (12th & Willow) and then a stop sign (Park & 12th), without even pausing. Could have been a kid or elderly person stepping into the intersection. Seemed borderline reckless to me. I understand the dilemma. I would want these emergency workers to hustle to the scene, when seconds count, but it could have ended up a lot worse.


Looks sharp! Congratulations and thanks for your volunteer service. Please go easy on the new air horn. Remember it can cause hearing damage for people and pets nearby. Some of the drivers are getting way too much of a kick out of blowing that horn. Just a little feedback from an HVAC supporter.


Congrats to the HVAC! Seems like a nice rig, and well within reason given how much they can cost.