Juice Zone – Doomed.

eating an apple is usually better.

DOOMED. They closed up shop this weekend. Surprised it took so long. Place was kinda dumpy.

Now taking bets for replacement businesses.

Description – Juice Bar , Health Food
Services – Smoothies, Wraps, Fresh fruit and vegetable Juices, Salads, Fortifiers, Wheatgrass, … . Delivery
Website – www.juicezone.com
Address –
614 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 795-2990


Back in better days:
Juice Zone.JPG

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the green tea smoothie WAS awesome! didn’t even realize they sold FOOD until I’d walked past there for two years and never stopped. One day they were giving out teeny tiny free samples and I got sucked in (!) but obviously it was tooooo late.


get the hell out of here! smoothies cant be room temp, its made purely of frozen fruit, frozen sorbet or yogurt and ice.

but anyway, i’m really pissed off.. because i worked there and all of the sudden i went to benny’s for a slice with my mom and i saw my job was magically closed down. thanks for telling me we closed up!!


I went their twice. Once when it first opened. The smoothie wasnt even cold. They used room temperature fruit. The second time I went back (decided to give them another chance) the smoothie was nasty. Didnt have the right combo of fruit to juice or something. ended up throwing it out.


I actually liked this place. Not as good as Jamba but did the trick.

Loved the green tea smoothie. I think it sucks that this shut down.