Plane crashes into building in NYC

planecrashnyc - Plane crashes into building in NYC I’m sure most of you have heard about this already. A small passenger plane which took off from Teterboro Airport somehow crashed into a high-rise building on the East Side of Manhattan on 72nd St.

It’s a tragic accident for sure, and I feel terrible for whomever has died or gotten hurt. Of course, more details will be coming out since it happened, and we’ll find out what the cause was, etc. There’s a press conference at 4pm to assure people it was an accident and not an act of terror.

But how did this make you feel when you first heard about it? Were you thinking of 9/11? Were you concerned or worried?

And since you found out it wasn’t a terror attack, how did you feel differently? Do you care less? Can you now shrug it off as easily as you would a highway accident? Or are the memories still there? I’m sure this wouldn’t be getting the same amount of national coverage if 9/11 never happened.

Are you completely prepared emotionally and otherwise just in case another terror attack happens?

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kooky kat

videoordvd? Even stupider post than the October 11th one.


i work two blocks awy from the crash site, so when the word first got out everyone immediately went outside. It was total chaos. Turning around the corner to walk towards the building was, I admit, pretty scary, bc you didn’t really know what to expect. It was chaotic, but i must say there were so many cops, first responders, EMTs, firefighters, everyone. I mean the site is near major hospitals in the city but still you could really see the fast response. i think since 9.11 everyone just gets overwhelmed and becomes afraid that we are facing something similar.. i definitely was afraid at one point or another that it was going to turn out similar to that..


If our country can’t stop someone from accidentally crashing a plane into a building, how do they have any hope of stopping someone who sets out to intentionally do so?


munson I agree – dumb post


girl (post #4)……..that’s just dumb.