Hoboken Farmboy – What Next?

Hoboken Farmboy gone – what could the Mile Square use now?

As the thousands of regular customers the Hoboken Farmboy saw each month already know – the “health food” options in the Mile Square are dwindling!

So besides asking what should occupy the space at 127 Washington Street next – what does Hoboken need in general?

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Hoboken Farmboy Doomed 127 Washington Street What Next - Hoboken Farmboy - What Next?

Hoboken Farmboy hit with $108,000 rent increase – closing shop

9/27/2011 Update:

Remember when Hoboken Farmboy was over at the Foot Locker location one block north back in the 90’s? I do. The much-loved health food and vitamin store then moved to 127 Washington Street back in 2001 – and has been there ever since. A reliable and friendly store for all the healthy items on your list (and good food too!)

Hoboken Farmboy Doomed Rent Double on Washington Street - Hoboken Farmboy - What Next?

Landlord nearly doubles rent – wants them out

Well, fast-forward to 2011 – and we find out that the landlord of this property is raising their rent from $11,000 per month – TO $20,000 per month! That’s nearly double at 82% more (or $108,000 annually!)

They’re willing to relocate in Hoboken if they can find a space between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet – and can accommodate their business – but if not – they’ll be closed in November and will just continue with their other location in Staten Island.

It’s clear here that this landlord has a tenant ready to move in that will pay near or more that monthly rent – and is willing to sacrifice a very well respected (and needed) business in Hoboken – for his own personal profits.

Good Bye Hoboken Farmboy – we’ll miss you!

Hoboken Farmboy Natural Food Market & Organic Deli


Description – Natural Food Market & Organic Deli, Vegetarian food, sandwiches., Juice bar
Services – Natural foods, Organic products, grains & beans, vitamin line, frozen goods, deli, juice bar, books, tapes, magazines
Address – 127 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-656-0581

Hoboken%20Farmboy%20Exterior - Hoboken Farmboy - What Next?

Hoboken Farmboy is one of only two full-service health food stores and organic eateries in Hoboken. They have a great juice bar (with delicious food), a wide array of vitamins, beverages, vegetables, nuts, energy bars and more.

The long-time staff is always approachable and helpful.

I happen to prefer the Farmboy over Basic Foods, due to the personal attention you get, but the latter has a slightly better selection of foods.

Farmboy does have an overwhelming vitamin-like smell to it, but that’s expected in a store of that kind.

Rather than going to a corporate vitamin store such as GNC (although Vitamin Shoppe isn’t bad – sans juice bar and food), support local businesses and take care of your health and supplement needs at the Hoboken Farmboy!

With all the development happening in Hoboken (especially uptown), we could use another one!

Hoboken%20Farmboy%20Interior - Hoboken Farmboy - What Next?

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Mitch Ultimato
Mitch Ultimato
Saturday, January 28, 2012 7:10 am

One word: Chipotle!

Friday, January 27, 2012 1:04 pm

Throw in a Jcrew or Gap. They can handle the obscene rent prices and Hoboken is severely lacking in choices for mens clothing (I am aware of the terrible JoS. A Bank)

Friday, January 27, 2012 11:59 am

Random thoughts:
PATH to 23rd St. Trader Joe’s one block down.
Uptown doesn’t have a enough traffic to make it worth putting a store there.
The only spaces large enough with a good amount of foot traffic are now rented (Anthropologie & Office Depot)
Kings may be expensive, but some items are actually cheaper at Kings compared to CVS (and I mean by like a full dollar more expensive at CVS).
Why do large chains like CVS and Walgreens charge $1.79 (plus tax) for a 20oz bottle of soda, but the new stands charge a flat $1.50?

Friday, January 27, 2012 9:37 am

I don’t understand why we would need another mass market supermarket selling us cryovac’d crap. What the town really needs is a locally sourced butcher/seafood market. I would support that 100%.

Friday, January 27, 2012 9:09 am

I can’t understand for an affluent town such as this one why Whole Foods and Trader Joes aren’t looking at space here. Especially with all the new construction coming online in the uptown area, they could certainly have a large enough retail space and parking and they’d also pick up the walking crowd. In fact, look at all the ground floor retail space available in the brand new Tea building at 14th & Washington. A Trader Joe’s could easily have taken that space, and they have the garage there for customer parking. The new complex at 14th and Willow is supposed to have hundreds of parking spaces and has a huge ground floor, would be great to have a Whole Foods or Traders there.

Anybody notice how King’s prices are up across the board, quality and portion sizes down, and it seems like fewer people are shopping there. Maybe they’ll overprice themselves out of business and something better can go into that space.

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