R.I.P. Helen Hirsch of Hoboken

R.I.P. Helen Hirsch of Hoboken

We learned the sad news today, that longtime city watchdog Helen Hirsch had passed into eternity.

Her consistent scrutiny of the waste at city hall will be missed.

Below is a letter from a few years back that should be engraved and posted on the wall in Zimmer’s office.

City Hall Watchdog speaks out


email inbox click stock logo - R.I.P. Helen Hirsch of HobokenNow a letter to Hoboken411 from longtime taxpayer advocate and city government watchdog Helen Hirsch:

“To the Editor:

I goofed. But one cannot have been around as long as I have without making a few mistakes. Sadly, I actively campaigned for, and persuaded others to join me in electing Dawn Zimmer Mayor of Hoboken.

I supported Dawn because she promised to open discussion about changing Hoboken’s form of government to that of Council-Manager; she has yet to follow through. The form of government under which we now live must share part of the blame for countless years of expensive mismanagement. Individuals run for office for a variety of reasons, most involving some flavor of vanity. Recent candidates, and subsequently mayors, have not proved to be prepared by education or experience to manage a population of thousands, and a budget in the millions of dollars. A Council-Manager form of government could fill that need. It would transfer the operation of the city to an individual hired by the council because of qualifications and expertise, an individual specifically trained to manage a city; it would place this management above politics.

Dawn also reneged on her promise to remain apolitical and to function in the interest of all of Hoboken’s citizens rather than a few. This failure was, for me, crystallized in the brazenness with which she lobbied on behalf of one slate for the Board of Education. She is repeating the behavior of mayors before her, endorsing the status quo for political reasons. One of the most important functions of a city is the education of its children. Hoboken is failing to live up to that responsibility. It spends more tax dollars per pupil than any other city in the state (except one) yet does not produce results reflective of this expenditure. Many parents flee to charter schools, private schools or home schooling.

Finally, Mayor Zimmer has yet to denounce the disgusting cartoon published by one of her recent appointees to public office. But a simple denunciation would be inadequate. The mayor should demand the immediate resignation of the author of this obscenity.

Helen Hirsch

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010 7:44 pm

@H411 – That’s good to know.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 7:35 pm

the pic of Lane Bajardi floating in poop is on my wall now….way to go 411.

helen is my friend and you guys are so totally wacko.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 7:29 pm

Also the very same people who show up at council meetings and have things scripted for them by marsh, bhalla and company, at some point even tehy have to admit that zimmer isnt what she portrayed in campaigning. Some of them are also liars. Some dont pay taxes at all, some pay below what they should and there is a minority who actually pay what they should according to the records……..they have proven they lied and are more of the same.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 7:26 pm

I said when she first won it would be more of the same. The circus i still in town only the clowns have changed costumes. If folks really are upset…start a pettition for a recall. It wont be hard to remove her. As for the council, well, let them sink in the same boat. Three years from now you would have started to see it anyway as they all would have been lobbying for the mayors seat.
As far as Pincus….remember how everyone protested outside city hall against Cammarano, well do it for her until she resigns, an apology from her or zimmer isnt good enough it has taken to long. I hope someone with gauls can step up and organize this protest and start the recall. With all the promises and this that and the other thing a no confidence campaign will be a walk in the park against her. THE TIME IS NOW, 4 more years of pandering and appointing of friends will just continue. If you are really fed up with the lies and the failed campaign promises then lets get moving together.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11:59 pm

Should we really be shocked? Peter Cammarano got caught because he was so money and power hungry he didn’t bother to use his brain to figure out if the guy he was walking with was undercover or not.
But when Zimmer and the rest of the Hoboken politicions talking about Scammarano, I didn’t think of how “betrayed” or “shocked” they were… but more thinking of rats off a sinking ship.
IMO, Most of them are just like Petey, they just haven’t got caught.

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