More wacky street pole signs

It’s good to know there are others out there with the same curious obsession with these fruity signs that randomly appear on street poles from time to time.

Here, local Hoboken blogger “Row”, from found this sign on 2nd Street near Grand and Adams.


He writes: “Who is this Nohelih? I’m assuming it’s a woman since the man who listed his phone number on the sign is Jorge. How do you even properly pronounce Nohelih? I did a Yahoo search on it an it turned up no results. Is it a nickname? Did Nohelih meet Jorge out one night and not exchange numbers? Is Jorge a stalker? So many questions. So much temptation to call the number and do an interview.

He even put up a poll to help him decide what to do with this situation.

I guess Jorge and Nohelih never heard of Craigslist “Missed Connections”. Or maybe they’re starting a new street-pole advertising network for people who have no internet connection in order to get re-connected.

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I noticed this sign yesterday and was so puzzled I was going to send it in as well! There is another one a block away at 1st and Grand as well. I’m not sure exactly how Jorge lost Nohelih, but I doubt a sign on a pole is the best way to find (him/her/it).


Interesting. My guess is it’s pronounced “noel lee”. Do you think it could be the start of some weird advertising campaign? Who knows?