Hoboken Week in Review: 4/18/2010


Relatively Quiet Week

Something about the transition from winter to full-fledged spring usually results in a somewhat calm week in Hoboken. God bless!

What made the most noteworthy entries for the week ending Sunday, April 18, 2010?

Hot Topics

    Starting tomorrow – mega-doo-doo work taking place on several Hoboken streets. Thank Hudson County – not Hoboken City Hall!
    Wow, a simple business update about a local dentist turns into an Arnold Diaz “Shame on You” segment!
  • SAFE!!
    If you haven’t checked out this affordable, entertaining and heart-warming play at the Monroe Center – well, your time is running out! Don’t be depleted of Hoboken Cultural activities!
    The Hoboken Charter School has a new home. Joy.
    A citywide tag/garage/yard sale is taking place on May 15th. Kudos to the Hoboken Moms that made it happen!
  • SHHHH!
    Hoboken students recognize the turmoil certain individuals go through based on their sexual preferences!
  • WTF?
    Area residents continue being annoyed by a construction project downtown!
    A white couple is suspected of tampering with multiple vehicles in one night!
  • GIN & JUICE!
    Hip Hopper Snoop Dogg visits Hoboken – then gets shut down by local PO-PO!

Biz Updates

Another great week of exclusive Hoboken business updates!

Event Calendar

To see what’s happening this week, check out the Hoboken411 event calendar!

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little.”

– Marguerite Gardiner

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