Altercation at Bahama Mama’s

Altercation. But what really happened was that some tool tried using his ID twice (once for a friend) and got booted out. Pushing and shoving and yelling ensued. Cheap drink hangover and vomit to follow.

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i’m sorry, i know it’s cheesy as hell but I love it here. Never leave there in a bad mood. I will admit though that I liked it a little better before the remodel, they tried to make it a little more classy and there is just no such thing.


jambers – hysterical!! and so dead on.

McBeaver — I believe you.

Do they still serve drinks in plastic fish bowls served with like 6-10 straws that you order by color (blue, purple, red etc.).

Went there once when I first came to town cause I didn’t know any better.


Kat- Yeah, i realize the bouncers/cops were very on edge. I’m guessing b/c of this ID incident that happened. I wasn’t drinking all night, just since 11:30ish. I am 180 lbs and drink often enough, so 5 beers over 2 hours didn’t have an impact on me. Maybe I looked like I was in that group of kids or something. I do look shockingly young for my age 🙂

Jambers- Heh. I’m not very proud of it. We went in sort of a daring each other/joking way. It was already near midnight, my friend never went there before and said he’d like to go somewhere cheesy… my bright idea… bad one. Don’t worry, won’t happen again. I’ll stick to the bars w/o dance music from now on.


How are there ten posts, and not one person has asked the most important question of all… why the hell were you at Bahama Mamas in the first place?!?!?

kooky kat

Not being snappy really, just saying that when you are dealing with people who are drinking, and you throw whatever drama happened before into the mix – maybe he just thought you were being a douchebag? It’s sort of what you can expect at a place like that really.

I have had more than my share of the one way door police issues, and trust me, I know how people can be after they’ve been drinking all night, and a bartender/doorguy who has been taking shit all night from a bunch of 21 year olds.