Friday Night Fights and more, summarized!

Busy night tonight.. to summarize what I heard (so you don’t have to read each post! But you can still see it on the incident map):

Bahama Mama’s.. Altercation. But what really happened was that some tool tried using his ID twice (once for a friend) and got booted out.

Lounge 11 fight.. nothing serious, just a bunch of rowdy individuals

– Report of fight at 525 Madison Street… when the police caught up with the group at 419 Madison, there was no fight, but they had apparently knocked over many garbage cans and littered the neighborhood. Cops made them clean it up, and they were sent on their way. What a bunch of drunken douchebags.

– Another report of a fight at 10th and Washington near the Elks Club. This was apparently not nearly as serious as that near riot a month ago.

– Someone called in a male beating a female on 3rd and Monroe. Cops arrived and said it was “just a verbal”… however this couple was called in again later from a different location. Trouble-makers.

– At the PATH station tonight a sad sack of a man passed out drunk on the train platform. At least he didn’t fall in the tracks.

– On 9th Street near the light rail, a woman called 911 reporting that there was a Dodge Neon with a woman inside hollering for help. This went unfounded as police couldn’t find the vehicle or woman in question.

– Loud music being reported at 4am at 1101 Adams Street. I guess the thin walls of the over-priced condos don’t allow anyone to have a party anymore. Perhaps when buying a condo in a multi-unit building, you should sign a contract indicating that you’re a heavy sleeper.

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Full moon this weekend?


haha, I wonder how many actual fights there are on a daily basis that we just never hear about…


What the heck is happening around here?