It’s Friday, do you know what that means?


More juveniles up to no good! This time at 106 5th St near that pet store BeoWoof. They were vandalizing property there. The caller is now apparently following the kids and has reported that they’re at the infamous Church Square Park. “Superhighway of crime and deliquency now open for business. How can I rob, molest or harrass you?”

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2 Comments on "It’s Friday, do you know what that means?"

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Dumb idea to mess up BeoWoof & their next door neighbors, some Italian soprano-ish club.
The owners of Beowoof Karl & Linda will smack down any bad kids. They’re happily childfree & don’t suffer evil spawn gladly.


About the kiddies….if everyone else knows about the problem why don’t the cops?

Maybe, they can enforce the curfew the city council passed when the guy got shot down in the street.

Maybe, they can send a cop on a horse to keep the crowd under control.

Maybe, they can program them into their GPS.

Maybe. they will just wait until something really bad happens agin and then act surprised.