Citywide Yard Sale Saturday

5/14/2010 Update:

Big Hoboken Rummage Sale Saturday!

Don’t forget – City Wide Gate Sale Saturday, May 15th! The list is short – about 1 gate sale per 500,000 square feet in Hoboken – but that’s OK – there are likely many others who will have goods out that are NOT on the list. So get out and walk around you lazy people! (I kid!) If you want me to add your address and list of items – simply send me an email – and I’ll do my best to add it!!

New Locations added to the list: (send your address and items in – or add to comments)

  • 522 Washington St. – NEW books (non-fiction)
  • 525 Jefferson St. – Vera Bradley Bags, Jewelry, Glassware, ladies clothes (sizes 4-8), shoes (size 9-10) & Books
  • 11th & Bloomfield – Household items, Electronics, Jewelry, Furniture CD’s & DVD’s (lots of stuff!)
  • 12th & Washington – Antiques, collectibles, retro items


Moms organize Citywide Yard Sale!

Want to take part in the First Annual Hoboken Citywide Yard Sale? Well, then see the info below, and prepare for the weekend of May 15th!

Hoboken Mile Square Yard Sale!

Back in March, a bunch of Hoboken moms were discussing some kind of group yard sale – because they had lots of excess items, but nowhere to sell them. Momentum was building as more residents, including Mary Perez also got involved, which inspired another Hoboken mom Lori Heidenry to contact Hoboken Cultural Affairs Director Geri Fallo.

After several meetings, a lot of “heavy lifting” by Ms. Fallo and about 10 local volunteers -the annual yard sale became a reality. The city is asking for a small “suggested” donation to cover printing and marketing costs (which 411 is doing here at no charge). They’d like to make this a yearly or even semi-annual event. Countless other cities across the country have similar citywide events, so it makes sense in Hoboken, which is as good a walking-city as you can get.

You can download a PDF application form here, or click the image below.

See the list of people who paid the money to get on the list after the jump!

AddressStreet nameDescription
Columbus Park10th & ClintonKids clothing and furniture, housewares and adult clothing
5061st St.Childrens books, toys, household items and jewelry
2601st. St.Shoes and Toys
1512nd St.fax machine, bakers rack, household items
2063rd StreetVintage items
Church Towers Court Yd.,5th & ClintonClothing, Crafts, Household items, Electronics
576th St.Antiques, pottery, furniture, jewelry, books, clothing
1686th St.Toys and Clothes
2667th St.Store merchandise sale stuff, household items and clothes
4608th, shoes, household items, kids toys, linens
87Adams St.household and kids items
111Bloomfield St.Women, men & baby clothes, shoes, toys, baby gear
309Bloomfield, movies, magazines, knick knacks
409Bloomfield St.Books, CD’s women clothes and accessories
622Bloomfield St.Household items, videos, tools
637Bloomfield paintings, moroccon imports
917Bloomfield and housewares
1013Bloomfield St.Books
5Church Towers-courtyardKids stuff, clothes, dvds
94Clinton St.Household items. Antiques, childrens items and electronics
606Clinton bikes, toys,clothes
3rd & AdamsClock TowersClothes and Homewares
508Court St.Designer clothing, shoes, housewares
94Garden St.Furniture, Clothing, Electronics, Books and Artwork
115Garden St.moving sale, furniture, kitchen cabinets, blinds, children’s items, books
117Garden St.curtains, kids clothes,shoes, toys, adult clothes
120Garden, games, furniture, cds, books
210Garden St.Shoes, Toys, Jewerlry, handbags and clothes
227Garden St.Kids stuff
301Garden St.clothes, toys, baby items, electronics and more…
502Garden St.Vintage Furniture, decorative items, kids clothing and fabric
520Garden St.Books and housewares
524Garden St.assorted articles, clothing
623Garden computer equipment, books, CDs, furniture, skateboard, kids things, videos
737Garden St.Clothing, Shoes
906Garden St.Clothes, books, shoes, housewares and kids items.
1035Garden St.Kids books, clothing household items
1108Garden St.misc household items, furniture, clothes, baby clothes & gear, luggage, sports equipment
1248Garden St.Girls toys and stuffed animals, basket ball jersey, pocketbooks
1254Garden St.Misc Household items
1315Garden St.Furniture, books
330Hudson St.`Furniture
500Hudson St.Baby items, cribs, toys, computer items, kitchen items, kids clothes, books
638Hudson St.`Drums, guitar, clothes, posters, shoes
815Hudson, household goods, children’s clothing, bathroom tile
932Hudson St.misc household items – nic-nacs-bike child seat
1126Hudson St.`Household items, clothes, artwork
3Jackson S.Jewelry, perfume, clothers
214Jackson St.Household items
68Jefferson St.Kids clothing, toys, books, household items and furniture
107Jefferson St.Kids clothing and furniture and toys, lemonade
226Jefferson St.small furniture, clothes,electronics, designer handbags and shoes.
331Jefferson, exercise gear, comforter, pillows, curtains, lamps, microwave
88Madison St.Clothes and Housewares
633Madison St.Childrens books and toys, jewelry, household items
901Madison & toddler gear and clothes, household items
1Marineview Towers
62Monroe and used clothes, housewares, building materials, computer wires.
83Monroe St.Baby items and housewares
107Monroe St.Furniture, Clothing, Rugs, Records
500Monroe St., #4Baked Goods, Food and Jewelry
206Newark St.mostly clothes- womwn size 4-8, bookshelf, table
88Park Ave.Household items, handbags, clothing
230Park Ave.“everything from the mundane to the usual.”
518Park AveMisc household items- clothes to furniture
718Park Ave.Childrens Clothes, Housewares
1116Park AveHousehold items, kids stuff, cds and collectibles
1216Park AveChildrens designer clothing
1204Park Ave.Kids toys, clothes, books, housewares and lemonade
Willow TerrSouthClothing, Accessories, Kids Stuff, housewares, Books, artwork, chachkis, furniture
404Washington St.Clothing, brick-a-brac, jewelry, crafts
600Washington St.books
1218Washington St.picture frames, luggage, jewelry box, phones, backpacks, new linens, coasch purses, printer, headphones, binoculars, rollerblades
1220Washington St.Children toys, tricycles, books, clothes. Young mother’s apparel and shoes, kitchenware, sports equipment
206Willow Ave.Furniture and household items- decorative
809Willow Ave.Household items
841Willow St.items from our storage space, not sure yet

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@ Monroe St & 1st St

Saturday, Oct 22, 2011 –
Sunday, Oct 23, 2011

Kids Clothes, Toys, LEGOS!!
Games, Household Items


jasonyh ..I just purchased two gates..Kids cloths can be donated to the hospital .or in dumpsters in certain shoping areas.. [quote comment=”211714″]HUGE GATE SALE@ Monroe St & 1st StSaturday, Oct 22, 2011 -Sunday, Oct 23, 2011Kids Clothes, Toys, LEGOS!!Games, Household Items[/quote]


Hoboken Citywide Yard Sale
and Church Square Park Flea Market

Saturday May 21, 2011
9am – 4pm


I wish I knew about this! I would have sold and bought….


Seller Perspective: Success. Sold all but one of our items :). Then again, we were only selling a small handful of very useful things.

Browser Perspective: Why? Why do people accumulate so much crap?


The reviews are mixed. I heard complaints the foot traffic was disappointing. Not enough promotion outside of Hoboken.