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Ok, it’s a little bit off the usual path, but I have a geek tip here that may save a lot of trouble for many people.

runtime - Hoboken411 tech tipHas your hard drive ever crashed? Has it become inaccessible in Windows? Well, my 300gb external hard drive did just that last night. It just wasn’t being recognized as an actual hard drive, and Windows was telling me it wasn’t formatted. I thought I was screwed. Tons of data on there. It must have had some bad sectors somewhere. Couldn’t run any utilities on it. Until I found this program called “GetDataBack for NTFS” from Runtime Software.

It saved the day and recognized the drive and allowed me to grab almost everything on there (with the exception of the files that were corrupted).

Now I do have a backup to that external hard drive, but it’s a slower, older model, and I just got lazy and forgot to setup the automatic backup scheduler. My bad.

Always back up your data! This was a harsh reminder that I need to do this more often. Imagine all those pictures or 10 years of MP3 downloads gone? That would suck royally.

So if you haven’t already done so:

– If you save all your stuff on the C: drive, purchase an external backup that you can plug in via USB or Firewire and make a mirror image of your data. You can use free programs such as SyncBack to help manage that process.

– If you already use an external HD for your data, get a second one and back it up. Set the schedule.

– If you’re really anal, you can back up a lot of stuff to CD or DVD and save them off-site (in case of disaster).

– If all else fails, you can always try to save the data like I did.

Any other tips some of you might want to share to preserve the integrity of the data on your PC?

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