Oscar’s Groceries – For Rent

Oscar’s Groceries – For Rent

Forgot to mention this a while ago – but long time bodega Oscar’s Groceries at 10th & Willow quietly closed and is currently for rent. But events like this always leave me with questions.

Oscar's Grocery doomed hoboken NJ

What happened?

We never had a problem with Oscar’s (especially since we like name!) Often picking up a quick beverage on hot days, etc. They were definitely more affordable than other places. But why did they close?

I’m sure the Prime Stop just 275 feet down the block did not help. You ever wonder why they have a “500 foot rule” for (new) alcohol licenses? Why can’t the same be true for “similar” businesses?

In this case – it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Because while Prime Stop is definitely more expensive – they have a clean layout, better selection and are open 24 hours. Oscar’s could have at least spruced the place up a bit.

Either way – still kind of sad to see “old school” stuff go away.

Prime Stop convenience store Hoboken NJ

Description: For Rent
Address: 1003 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030

How Oscar’s Groceries looked back in 2006:
oscars groceries.JPG

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