Lost females

This just sounds weird.

The cook from Maxwell’s ran all the way to the 14th St. Fire House to tell them that two lost female juveniles (one 18, and one 15) are in front at 1039 Washington Street. They were apparently “seeing a show”.

A) it’s 2:00am on early Thursday morning, why are two female juveniles even milling around?
B) what are they doing by Maxwell’s?
C) why don’t they have a responsible adult with them?

I’m sure this episode of Lost will not make it to prime time. Here’s an idea, maybe they should re-do those 10:00pm public service announcements played near the evening news.

“It’s 2:00am, did you know your teenage daughter was at a bar?”

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Someone broke into a minivan parked behind an apartment building at 7th and Madison as well a couple of nights ago.


What corner would that be?


Lady–perhaps he was concerned that they’d pass out on his stoop? Or they were hassling his customers? There are many reasons he could have wanted them gone.

Our mirrors were broken off regularly for a period of several years, and the car was keyed. Then the punks got into breaking open the post office box on the outside of the building that holds the keys for the mail carrier to get in. We went through that several times.

Currently we’re in a lull. Though I recently heard a rumor of some casual prostitution on our corner in the mornings. I love Hoboken.


Wait, re-read that Rachel. Thought you left the door unlocked, not that they broke in. Oops.


Rachel – who the heck leaves their car unlocked with their keys under the seat around here??

This is Hoboken NJ, not Topeka KS.

Hate to break the news to you, but you had that coming.