Nick’s Candy & Grocery Store

11/29/2010 Update:

Nick is now open for business!

In the final update since the fire one year ago that destroyed Nick’s Convenience Store (201)683-0675 – Hoboken can once again be thankful for having another option to purchase necessities uptown. Nick’s re-opened a couple days ago.

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11/4/2010 Update:

Nicks almost done; but half the size!

A quick update for Nick’s Convenience Store – which was burnt in a fire in late 2009.

Construction has picked up (exterior work still needed) – but one major change to the property is that they’ve divided the street level space into two. Nicky new smaller space will be on the right – and the spot to the left will be “for rent.” They hope that Nick’s can open up this year still.

Nicks Convenience Store Update Hoboken NJ November 2010 - Nick's Candy & Grocery Store

7/23/2010 Update:

Construction in progress at Nickys

Nick’s Convenience Store on 14th Street between Washington and Bloomfield was severely damaged during a fire late last year, and the optimistic sign on the front window has been changed from re-opening in April, May, June of 2010 and beyond. Because of the obvious delays – they saved themselves some trouble – and recently changed the sign to “Soon.” Smart move.

But construction has been steadily taking place – and it looks promising that they will in fact be re-opening sometime in 2010.

Nickys Convenience store on 14th street Hoboken NJ update July 2010 - Nick's Candy & Grocery Store

4/22/2010 Update:

Hopefully Nick’s reopens soon!

The sign on Nicky’s Convenience on 14th Street says Opening April 2010 – well, hopefully they can get their act together in the next week, because time is running out!

Nickys Convenience Hoboken NJ April 2010 - Nick's Candy & Grocery Store

1/5/2010 Update:

That’s the right attitude!

Nice to see that Nick’s Candy store, despite the fire last year – has a good attitude on the sign he posted on the front window!

Come back soon, Nick!

Nicks Candy Store Hoboken NJ after the fire - Nick's Candy & Grocery Store

Description – Deli, Convenience store,
Services – Grocery, Lotto, Smokes, Money order, ATM
Address – 109 14th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5532
Telephone – 201-656-8216

Nicks%20Candy - Nick's Candy & Grocery Store

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 10:35 pm

Poor Nick must be stuck in the ugly web of the Building Department

Saturday, April 24, 2010 8:58 pm

Good luck Nick!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 3:13 pm

Nick: Best of regards for you to open soon. Your store is very convenientfor the neighborhood.

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