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5/26/2010 Update:

Haven’t done a browser overview in awhile…

What browsers are readers using in 2010?

Back when I had time to study Hoboken411 site stats on a frequent basis (that was three years ago), I used to be curious about the browser and OS demographics. Not much time to play games these days (but I do know visitor traffic has increased for 49 consecutive months!)

But with the recent 411 overhaul I wanted to check out some trends – and share a distinct observation I had.

For one – you can see what browsers people were using back in 2006 and 2007 after the jump – and compare them with the most recent findings here.

Hoboken411 Browser Usage May 2010 - Hoboken411 Tech Zone: Browsers
Hoboken411 OS Usage May 2010 - Hoboken411 Tech Zone: Browsers

Google Chrome quickly becoming my favorite!

Google Chrome is a fantastic web browser Hoboken411 recommended - Hoboken411 Tech Zone: BrowsersLast time I updated this post – I was a big fan of Apple Safari. I’ve since replaced the main computer systems used here at 411, and have yet to install Safari on the new setup (trying to keep it lean for now.) The current browsers I use, are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome – and Internet Explorer 8. IE is only used for testing these days, but if you’re stuck using IE – I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version. Older versions are just not supported anymore – and are huge security risks.

Firefox was the preferred choice for many years, but in conjunction with the super-high speed Verizon FiOS – it just seems too sluggish. I know there’s a way to tweak the TCP/IP settings and such, but haven’t had time to tweak yet.

Google Chrome, however, is quickly emerging as my favorite as it matures. Rock solid, has never crashed – and it renders the Hoboken411 page substantially faster than any other browser I’ve used. You should really check it out – c’mon now – don’t be afraid!

What is your favorite browser & OS – and why?

See ancient previous updates after the jump…

8/31/2007 Update:

apple safari hoboken411 - Hoboken411 Tech Zone: BrowsersWearing all the hats at Hoboken411 isn’t always too easy. One of the problems I run into, is trying to make the site compatible with as many browsers as I can. This isn’t always possible, and I have to occasionally make sacrifices for the small % of people that use browsers that I cannot seem to figure out what’s wrong with them.

Browser “preference” is very weird. Not sure about the rest of you, but I take this stuff seriously. My assumption is most people don’t care, and just want to surf the web.

A quick look at the statistics shows, that not much has changed since I checked in September of 2006!

The current breakdown (as of 8/30/2007) is as follows:


  • 73% (down 3 points) of you use IE. (of that percentage – 68% on IE6, 31% on IE7)
  • 19.5% (up 1.5 points) of you use Firefox.
  • 6.5% use Safari.


  • 89% (down 4 points) are on Windows.
  • 10% (up 5 points) on Mac.

I know some of my re-formatting lately has caused some problems. In the process, I stumbled across the new Apple Safari 3 Public Beta. It’s available for both Mac and Windows. It claims to be the fastest browser available.

I downloaded the Microsoft version, and I have to say it’s very NICE! Worked perfectly right “out of the box”. 411 looked perfect. It also has that “font smoothing” that makes the lettering easier to read. It has some cool features like “text box resizing”, which works great on the comment box here on 411. You can expand it to show your whole comment. Security features as well, such as pop-up blocking. I’ll play with it over the next few days to see if there are any significant shortcomings (one I could find was that the search box above didn’t work).

It may still have some issues looking at older, legacy sites, but Hoboken411 worked almost perfectly. If you’re feeling daring, why not download it and give it a shot? Let me know what your opinions are.

It’s time to break free from IE6!

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but ever since Firefox 1.5 came out, I’ve been using it religiously. Even though it has it’s share of problems, it’s still a much safer browser to surf the web than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Lots of fun tools and plugins to make surfing easier, more convenient, and more productive. I have the weather on my toolbar, I can tag webpages to del.icio.us, and download all the links on one page with one click of the mouse. I love the tabbed browser, and if my PC crashes it remembers all the windows I had open. Can’t live without it anymore!

As you can see, I promote the Firefox browser with the “Browse Happy” button to your right. I wish to spread the word about the browser as well as let you all know that this site was optimized for Firefox.

However, perusing the webstats each month, it still seems a large majority of you still use Internet Explorer.

The current breakdown is as follows:

  • 76% of you use IE.
  • 18% of you use Firefox.
  • 6% use some other browser.

And 93% of the visitors are on the Microsoft platform, 5% on Macintosh, and 2% use something other, such as Linux.

Not that IE is total garbage, but I’m curious why others don’t switch?

  • Is it too much trouble?
  • You don’t know enough about it?
  • What’s Firefox?

For those that have tried, and indicated that one or more of their regular websites don’t work with Firefox, there are ways around it, such as plugins that mimic IE. But I still keep IE on the side in the rare instance that I need it, as well as checking to see if something is wrong with Hoboken411.

Just figured I’d throw this out there to see what you all thought.


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I haven’t downloaded Chrome because Google has way too much data on my surfing habits already. Facebook gets all the bad press about privacy problems while Google gets a pass.


I use Chrome and love it. The only problem is I cannot print preview in it, so I switch to IE when I need to view a document before printing. I would have assumed more than 6% of your users are using chrome.


I made the switch to chrome some time ago, but I needed to install Firefox again recently because I noticed something rather large. Chrome still does not have completed scripts for download management which means that programs that can do the equivalent of what FlashGot does simply do not exist yet. This is a problem for people like me that rely on downloading multipart files and require the use of download managers. If you do a thorough internet search on this you will find that Chrome isn’t expected to have this working for another year or so.


I’ve used Chrome since it came out, and have never looked back.