Fight inside Black Bear

Seems like liquor has caused tempers to flare yet again. This time at Black Bear. A guy with a flower shirt, and another guy with a grey shirt. Many calls came in for this. One of the guys was even on crutches. An ambulance was dispatched to treat the “wounds”.

Sounds like a MadTV skit to me.

And marijuana is illegal? Other than the lost tax revenue, I’m still dumbfounded by that silly law. No one ever fights when they’re high. The only time an ambulance is needed is when someone eats too many Ho-Ho’s.

Can’t we rename Hoboken to “Amsterdam” or something?

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there was a big fight on Sunday at McBrides too. Some dirt bag from the projects who’s brother also happens to be one of Hoboken’s bravest started a fight with someone in the parking lot and his friends held the door to prevent people from coming out to help the other fella who ended up having his head smashed with a brick! needless to say the piece of garbage got away(w/the help of his friends) but he was identified by the guy who got hurt and the police are looking for him.
this same piece of garbage got into a huge fight with his girlfriend the week before too @ willies, don’t think he’s invited back.


I’m with you, can we start a petition? Let’s get this legalized!