Hospital Meeting Tonight

There should be a healthy number of skeptics at this event.

Mayor Roberts put developer Jim Caulfield (Fields Development) on the board of the new Hospital Corporation, and has said that if they can’t save the hospital for the long term, the property is still “very valuable.”

Many people believe the city will run the hopsital for a few years before:

A) They have to start raising taxes to keep it open or
B) Shut it down to sell the property to a developer


Hospital: Now owned by the City of Hoboken

Here’s your chance. . .
Get answers about city ownership of St. Mary Hospital!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:30 p.m.

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church Parish Hall
57 Eighth Street Hoboken, NJ

– Harvey Holzberg; President and CEO of St. Mary Hospital
– Assemblywoman Joan Quigley; Vice President, External Affairs of St. Mary Hospital

Are Hoboken residents liable for:
– cashflow shortfalls?
– capital improvements?
– lawsuits?
– repayment of municipal bonds and increased interest rates?

How does the Hospital Corporation:
– relate to the city administration?
– maintain its independence?

Organized by the Quality of Life Coalition.
A 501c3 organization

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Well, I think this quote pretty much sums up what our scumbag mayor Roberts had planned for the hospital all along:

“If in three or four years, we realize that our problems are so big, and we have exhausted all options, then we would have to consider closing our doors, but the city would own the property and could sell it,” said Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, who also serves as the hospital’s spokeswoman.

Basically setting up a situation where the city will sell the hospital to a developer… This is a sad state of affairs if that is what it comes to. This kind of thing should never be allowed to happen when it is such a public example of crooked politics.


“Another conspiracy theory? How about they turn the hospital around and sell it for a profit?”


Good one man.

My guess is that they’ll use it as leverage to pry out more political contributions or parlay the rights into jobs for themselves or allies.

Either way it’s out taxes fueling their personal goals.

Red Haven
Red Haven

Ken Lay — While the dead often vote in Hudson County, it’s doubtful you could get a posthumous appointment to this board. The dead can’t serve, but the brain-dead are more than welcome to apply!

Dave Roberts only appointed people to the board he could control, including the mother of the guy who runs the parking utility and the developer who wants to build a 13 story tower at the corner of Henderson Street and Observer Highway.

westy — Hoboken never turns a profit for taxpayers. Only for their biggest campaign contributors — the developers.

Hoboken turned a HUGE profit for Ursa-Tarragon in the Northwest Redevelopment Zone, yet the developer is threatening to reneg on their pledge to build community centers in exchange for the redevelopment designation.


When has Hoboken turned anything around and made a profit?

I think having a developer and an undertaker on board this early is very telling. 🙂

Hope I am wrong but I don’t think so.

Ken Lay

How can I get a seat on the board of this virtuous organization?