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Shop local – but when you can’t – there’s Amazon

amazon - Still local with Amazon.comWe like to shop locally wherever possible (especially with veggies and meats). And if not hyper-local, at least small business vs. big-box stores. But there comes a time where shopping outside the local square is inevitable for myriad of reasons.

I’m certain most of you already purchase items regularly from, which is a top site considering their vast selection. The UPS trucks are usually filled with Amazon boxes. Despite the recently added NJ sales tax earlier this year, they’re still often the least inexpensive and very reliable.

One simple and painless way to help support Hoboken411 without spending an extra cent out of your pocket is to purchase your Amazon items through our Amazon Associates Program link. It won’t affect your Amazon account, no personal information would be divulged, and it would be just like ordering as if you typed in your browser. This way, you can still support a local business, even if you shop online. It would be a nice gesture to show your support for 411.

If you’re willing, could you be so kind as to bookmark this link ( and use it each time you order anything from, I’d be very appreciative! Good karma goes a long way these days!

I thank you all in advance!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006 2:58 pm


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