Best Hoboken Fresh Fish?

8/12/2010 Bump:

With residents coming and going – Hoboken411 still gets regular emails wondering why the Mile Square has no decent fresh fish market in town.

Any new suggestions crop up in the past few months?

Something Fishy in Hoboken!

Hoboken411 reader Pete (no, not crazy driver Pete) – wonders where the best place in Hoboken is to purchase aquatic creatures for the purpose of cooking and consumption.

Hoboken Fish Stores - Best Hoboken Fresh Fish?

“I was wondering where Hoboken residents like to buy their fresh fish in town? I’ve lived here for about two years now and as far as I can tell either Garden of Eden or Shoprite seems to have best selection & freshness. The fish section at A&P is downright scary looking and kings seems pricey and not necessarily so fresh.

Any advice would be appreciated for us pescetarians!”

Share your thoughts for Pete – and take the POLL below!

Where do you buy your fresh fish?

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Enjoy your lunch today (I’m having roast beef!)

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He is a great idea,convert the municipal garage to a urban fish farm.


Isn’t the extra $$$ in the Hoboken’s budget to build an urban fish farm?

The idea of Urban Aquaculture is to create urban fish farms, a real GREEN idea of sustainability.

We could feed those Tilapa, Bass and Other farmed fish Grade AAA Hoboken sewage that comes from plenty of asses that don’t stink, and then sell it off to the Sushi restaurants in town.

Think of how nice the Hudson River would be if we stopped discharging sewage into it, think of the Children! They could swim off our beach and not worry about ingesting a floater! 😈


I was in the area between the holland tunnel and west side highway stuck in traffic and happen to look over at some sort of unloading process. There was a large tank truck with 2 guys at the hatch on top scooping live fish out and putting them into some sort of tank in this garage. These were fairly big fish, they must be held here until they can be delivered to buyers. Also A few years ago there was a report on the news about a talapia farm in elizabeth nj.


Yes many fish are farmed, and need to be in the name of sustainability.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs did an Episode on the topic on US raised fish.

Watch it here.


Excellent point, Yip. In fact, there’s a really good (and frightening) book out right now by a guy named Paul Greenberg that addresses this topic:

Worth reading. [quote comment=”196100″]Yes many fish are farmed, and need to be in the name of sustainability.Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs did an Episode on the topic on US raised fish. Watch it here.[/quote]