Sedona Hand Gallery {gone}

Sedona Hand Gallery (for rent)

Another one bites the dust on Washington Street, Sedona Hand Gallery – who had been around for a while.

Was it the fact that people are spending their money on other things – or just buying their jewelry elsewhere?

Makes you wonder, being next to a psychic – perhaps it was meant to be?

sedona hand gallery doomed hoboken nj 201 washington st

Description: For Rent Hand made jewelry and other bling
Address: 201 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-314-0799

Sedona Jewelry – 201 Washington St., Hoboken NJ

6/10/2011 Update:

Sedona Jewelry recently overtook the spot that was previously home to Ice Hut/ Soup Hut on the northeast corner of 2nd & Washington.

I guess everyone wants to be closer to the Cake Boss.

Sedona Hand Gallery moves to 201 Washington Street in Hoboken New Jersey

10/10/2006 Upate:
On October 1st, Sedona Jewelry had their Grand Opening on Washington Street, after moving out of the liquor store location on First Street.

Sedona sells a variety of hand-made jewelry and bags, each one being 100% unique. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, from sterling silver to various stones and gems. Prices are very affordable for most items, starting at around $15 but all the way up to $500 for the most lavish item. They have a small collection of items for men as well and will add more in the future. New inventory comes in weekly. They get their products from local designers as well as internationally. A few from Hoboken as well as Manhattan.

Daisy, who runs the store, has reported great success and popularity since moving to the new venue. “Our first day open, we were supposed to only stay open till 7pm, but so many people kept coming in and buying things, we had to extend our hours!“.

So it seems like it was a good idea to make the switch!


Replacing the doomed Atomix Computer. They previously “partnered up” with Arroyo Liquor on First Street (across from Fillipo’s).

Scheduled to open on October 1st.

Description – Handmade and imported Jewelry, Handbags and Gift Baskets
Address – 320 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4831
Phone – TBD


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kooky kat
kooky kat
Friday, June 10, 2011 3:01 pm

I hardly think that Sedona’s clientele are the kind of people who are willing to stand in line for 6 hours in 102 degree heat for a piece of stale cake.

kooky kat
kooky kat
Friday, April 4, 2008 1:44 pm

This place does have beautiful things, I know we all made fun of them for posting comments about how awesome they were, I finally stopped in here a few weeks ago when I was off for the week – amazing. I am directing boyfriend there for birthday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 10:40 am

Projecting much Gina?

Boo hoo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 9:55 am

Don’t worry Sedona. Easy-E hasn’t gotten laid in a couple years so he is pretty much a professional hater. :mrgreen:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 9:48 am

Ok – I have to say I really do like Sedona and they have some great stuff. Just saying. Give them a little slack here huh? Tough crowd! ButI do have to say lol to posts 18, 19 and 20.

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