Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 3/31/2010


Happy last day of March, Hoboken! Here’s a few tidbits to keep you up to date in the Mile Square!

Hoboken Morning News Roundup March 31, 2010

Last Day for Barnes & Noble!

Barnes and Noble closes last day Hoboken NJEven if you don’t like books, you may want to get one last glimpse of what Barnes & Noble looks like before it transforms into whatever tenant comes next (at one point rumored to be a Staples, but uncertain at this time…)

Today, the big box book retailer bids farewell to Hoboken – citing “rent increases” as their reason for leaving. I somehow doubt that a bit, and assume that the rents were always relatively high, and they’re just closing low-performing stores to help the company’s bottom line. Believe what you will.

Hoboken Barnes & Noble – R.I.P. 2010

Don’t forget your residential parking permits!

Hoboken Parking Sticker RFID smConsidering the Holiday weekend coming up – the City will begin enforcing those pesky RFID parking stickers (you know, the ones that you can still get a boot on, despite having one in plain sight?) starting on Monday, April 5th.

You can head over to the basement of City Hall, and renew your permit until 9:30pm today and tomorrow.

No matter what the city feeds you, parking still stinks in Hoboken, with no feasible plan to once and for all reduce the stress in our over-populated town.

No City Council meeting tonight!

No Hoboken City Council Meeting March 31 2010 councilwoman carol marshJust a simple reminder, that city council meetings typically take place on first and third Wednesdays of each month – and boy oh boy are we all lucky today.

Since this is the fifth Wednesday – we get to take an extra week off from the marathon meetings where much is said, but little is accomplished.

The next time we’re so lucky will be the last week of June 2010.

Remaining months in 2010 with five Hump Days are: September and December.

Enjoy the (drier) day today!

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