NY Milkshake Company – Doomed

10/9/2008 Update:

A combination of mediocre coffee, a bad location, and no foot traffic between 10am and 4pm pretty much doomed this place from the start. On paper it probably made sense to open so close to thousands of daily commuters. They just never made a compelling case for people to patronize their business.Too many people just make a bee-line to the ferry, or the train, light rail or PATH without stopping anywhere in the Hoboken Terminal.

hoboken i drink your milkshake not - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

You can get a pretty good idea of where a new Hoboken business is headed from watching the user comments. Hoboken411 poster gtirebiter saw this coming in November of 2006:

“The real problem with them I see is that their coffee is self-serve, yet costs 25 cents more than the deli just outside the ferry area. It seems to me that most people develop a relationship with a deli by just ordering coffee and maybe a pastry in the morning, then move up to bigger things.
If they really want business in the morning, they need to have a better arranged coffee service and have it cost the same as their direct competitors, or I will unfortunately walk by their empty store every morning till they disappear.

It does seem a pretty ill-considered location in that most of the traffic will be in the morning, and who wants a milkshake then? If they served carrot juice or something healthy there might be a demand for that, but it seems a kind of out-of-the-way place to go to order a grilled cheese sandwich. I really can’t imagine stopping there on the way back home even if they were open till 7.

Additionally, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t take the ferry even knows they exist. They could probably use some signage to draw in the train people.

I am afraid that location will be an ugly, empty hole soon enough again.

Soon enough is today, probably just in time for their two-year lease to expire.

Sayonara NY Milkshake Company!

ny milkshake company doomed hoboken - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

See when times were better – after the jump…

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10/18/06 Update:

Seems as if we have a new business to welcome in Hoboken. This time inside the NY Waterway Ferry Terminal in the NJ Transit station. This is replacing the old cafe that NY Waterway used to operate.

NY Milkshake Company is going to be open for business by the end of the week.

ny milkshake 1 - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

On top of the obvious shakes and smoothies, they also offer various food products as well; such as waffles & ice cream, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches and paninis. Great business model to offer food alternatives to cold milkshakes. They’re currently in a partnership with the owners of 1/2 of the Waterway.

They’re going to offer call-in and pickup services for commuters coming into the station, so that you won’t have to wait for your order. Additionally, come this spring, they’ll have an outside eating patio so you can enjoy the area by the water.
ny milkshake 2 - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

They were voted best all-weather dessert in NY by Time Out, and was noted for good grilled cheese sandwiches by the NY Times.

Has anyone tried their shakes or dishes in the City?

October 2006:

We stopped in for a quick lunch this afternoon. They indicated that business is a bit slow since they first opened, and they haven’t even printed their menus yet. They currently close at 6pm, and will extend the hours once business ramps up.

Also mentioned was the outdoor seating area which will be ready by this coming Spring.

We went there just to quickly sample the much-raved-about grilled cheese sandwiches. But seeing it’s a milkshake company as well, I decided, why not throw in a strawberry shake too. I haven’t had a shake in many years. Smooth and cold, and easy to drink with the giant “bubble tea” straws. I personally love the wide straws.
ny milkshake ice cream - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

As you can see from the menu sign, they have quite a few different grilled cheese varieties and options. We chose one with cheddar and one with pepper jack. Both with tomato.
ny milkshake signage - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

They came out rather quickly, and were grilled to perfection. Not greasy or overly buttery. They seem to have a unique sanwich press.
ny milkshake grilled cheeses - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

Apparently this was not the usual bread they have shipped in to them. Normally it’s about 1/3rd larger, but their supplier is going through some changes before we get the bigger bread. But still delicious.

They have the usual stuff, like coffee, cold soda and water, bagels and muffins if you just want to pick something up for the road.
ny milkshake coffee - NY Milkshake Company - Doomed

So for the first quick sample, we were not disappointed. I’ll try some of their panini sandwiches, the waffle sandwich and another grilled cheese once the regular bread comes in.

You might want to swing by if you’re in the neighborhood and are looking for something tasty but different.

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[quote comment=”111295″]We never expected to be very successful in the terminal. It was more of a favor to the ferry company. If you never had the chance to visit us in the terminal and you frequent the city you should check us out at http://www.nymilkshake.com and spend an hour or two at our outside cafe.[/quote]
So I’m going to assume that they must have given you a VERY low rent for you to do a favor like that.
I can’t imagine a business wasting time on a location they know is going to fail….


[quote comment=”110962″]I’ve been craving a banana split on and off for about 2 months. Anyone know where I can get one in Hoboken?[/quote]
Malibu Diner?


We never expected to be very successful in the terminal. It was more of a favor to the ferry company. If you never had the chance to visit us in the terminal and you frequent the city you should check us out at http://www.nymilkshake.com and spend an hour or two at our outside cafe.


Also, I get my milkshakes at La Isla.

2 birds, one stone.

Why just Milkshakes, if others have Milkshakes+ ?


I guess they didn’t ‘shake’ it enough.