Female robbed uptown

at 2:00am at 11th and Washington Street, a female had flagged down an officer to say she was robbed 20 minutes ago by an Hispanic male, white t-shirt, blue jeans, black baseball cap. Approximate height 5’3″ or 5’4″. The actor had fled northbound on Bloomfield Street from 11th. No weapon was produced or physical force was used to commit this robbery.

He took her purse, cell phone, credit cards and everything else that’s normally in a purse.

Orange, gray and black knitted purse with some kind of handle on it.

Makes you think twice about a few things.

– Don’t ever carry too much cash on you
– Don’t let a short hispanic male rob you.

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I think you are crazy for running after him….. no purse is worth it.

glad your ok though.


Ugh. That totally sucks. Sorry this happened to you and sorry for the snap judgment based off of the initial report. The one good thing is that he didn’t try to hurt you. I carry a clutch purse all the time when I go out, and I agree that it would probably be pretty easy to snatch it and run. This is yet another wake up call to me that I shouldn’t be walking alone at night (hopefully one take I’ll take heed).

kooky kat

Glad you weren’t hurt Screamer! Maybe we will all think a little more carefully before heading out at night.


Something like this is pretty random and could easily happen to any of us on any evening. Don’t let it shake you.