Hoboken Week in Review 3/28/2010


2010 is 25% complete!

My how time flies – we’re already a quarter of the way through 2010. Is it just me, or is time just going faster these days? More on this later…

Hoboken411 week in review parking permits - Hoboken Week in Review 3/28/2010

What made the most noteworthy entries for the week ending Sunday, March 28, 2010?

Hot Topics

    I was surprised to see the overwhelming support of government control over real residents in Hoboken. A few people had issues with the Draconian “rules” the city of Hoboken has for a simple $15 parking permit!
    The warnings were clear. The punishments were harsh. Yet countless individuals let alcohol rob money from their purses during the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade. Ruthless crowd here on 411.
    The Hoboken City Council, with their newfound “power” to veto the Zoning Board’s decisions, throws $600k in tax revenue down the drain because (one) west side high-rise is AN-GRY a (second) west side high rise is in development – blocking their views of a blinking light in NYC.
    Here’s the deal: Only about 150 people each week watch these mind-numbing city council meetings. However, it’s Hoboken411’s job to “out” these posers that come to the microphone and misrepresent themselves. This week’s profile was on Keith Furman – a man who read a scripted speech to pose as a regular taxpayer. But in fact he’s a hard-core Zimmer supporter (and appointed “pay to play” planning board member) who lives in a tax-abated building and does NOT share your horrific tax BURDEN. Tell him to shove it where the light doesn’t shine. (You’re welcome to the dozens of readers who thanked me for the exposé)
    The Hoboken hospital does some shuffling around, plays games, hires lawyers, still financially unstable. The clock is ticking.
    Hoboken’s YMCA suddenly shuts down. Many members get shafted for annual membership fees – some residents suspect foul play.
    You have just a few days left to get property tax relief if you feel you’re being over-charged and improperly over-assessed. Check it out now!
    One Hoboken411 reader believes the Hoboken hospital is just not needed, especially since it’s so low-ranking amongst similar health facilities. Cut the cord!
    Many folks believe the whole process of car-booting is quite unconstitutional.
  • MORE!
    NY Waterway raises their prices 10% after two years without. They say they don’t get government subsidy – other residents say “Wow, that’s just too much!” How can they compete?

Biz Updates

Exclusive business updates you won’t find anywhere else. There’s a good reason 411 is #1!

  • Walgreens: take an exclusive peek at what’s coming to First and Washington – looks great!
  • Hibachi Grill: Strong rumor has it that the old Frozen Monkey will become Hibachi restaurant!
  • Chicken Factory: Finally – the spot at 529 Washington becomes *something* besides an empty storefront!
  • Park & Sixth: Another look at “what’s hot” at one of Hoboken’s favorite sandwich shops.
  • Schnackenbergs: Did you know you can get great home-made Easter candy right on Washington Street?

Event Calendar

To see what’s happening this week, check out the Hoboken411 event calendar!

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“It is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power”

– John Adams

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