Hobokenite loves Rock Paper Scissors


Did you know that Steven Institute of Technology student Sam “Sweet Nectar” Callari is in the USA Rock Paper Scissors League College Championships?

Top Four vie for Championship Title

Garner Spotlight on mtvU’s Spring Break Coverage

Acapulco, Mexico, March 24, 2010 – Pack your bags and don’t forget your sunscreen and shades because it’s time to hit the beach for spring break. While most students are soaking up some sun, four college students packed their best game face and rose to the top of the USA Rock Paper Scissors League College Championships, sponsored by AMP Energy. The bracket style tournament began with campus tournaments around the country. In addition to the 14 campus champions, 64 athletes dueled under the palm trees at mtvU’s Spring Break celebration in Acapulco in an on-the-beach wildcard tournament. The competition, which is down to its final four competitors, will be featured on mtvU as a part of the network’s Spring Break coverage beginning March 24th at 1:00 PM ET.

Sam “Sweet Nectar” Callari (Stevens Institute of Technology), Nicholas “Cap’n Clutch” Caporale (University of Texas, Austin), Brittany “BK” Kraft (Eastern Illinois University) and Andrew “The Equation” Richard (Northern Iowa University) threw down some heavy hands to advance to the semifinals, a shot at the college championship title and $25,000 towards his or her college tuition. In addition, the winner will receive one year’s supply of AMP products. The finals will air on March 30 on mtvU.

In 2009, AMP Energy became the official sponsor of the USA Rock Paper Scissors League College Championships, offering students the opportunity to represent their schools and showcase their talent. Syracuse University student, Jonathan “Naco” Monaco, won the inaugural title at the 2009 USA Rock Paper Scissors League College Championships, sponsored by AMP Energy, and $20,000 in tuition.

“When the pressure is on and you need to perform your best, AMP Energy is there to keep you energized and focused,” said Ken Strnad, senior marketing manager, AMP Energy. “Despite the blazing sun, the final four proved to be a cut above the rest. I was truly impressed with the sportsmanship demonstrated here and the razor sharp technique that was laid out on the sand.”

Rock Paper Scissors, the popular two-person hand game, is most commonly played in a casual setting between friends. In 2005, the USARPS League was formed by Commissioner Matti Leshem as the governing body of the sport in the U.S. The league brought rules to the sport and unified a community that has been enjoying the game for centuries.

“The USA Rock Paper Scissors League College Championships, sponsored by AMP Energy, featured some of the finest student athletes that America has to offer,” said Matti Leshem, USARPS League Commissioner. “mtvU’s coverage of Spring Break let’s everyone get in on the party – and there ain’t no party like a USARPS party!”

Find out more about the league, the sponsors and MTVu after the break…

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USA Rock Paper Scissors League is the governing body of the sport in the U.S. The league was founded in 2005 by Matti Leshem to bring rules and structure to the sport in the U.S. It has thousands of members and affiliate Rock Paper Scissors cells.

mtvU is broadcast to more than 750 college campuses and via top cable distributors in 700 college communities nationwide. The network reaches more than 9 million U.S. college students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A staple on campuses nationwide, the network takes part in more than 250 events per year, including concerts, giveaways and shooting mtvU series.

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The real risk here is getting a 2nd degree burn from the Acapulco sun. I’m sure that’s a frequent injury.


The 1957 NJ state marble champ was from hoboken,how about some recognition for him.


I am the Hudson County 30-40 age group Hop Scotch Champion of 2009. Where is my my recognition and story?