Friday Music at the Marina


It was another odd night. Weather was a bit nippy, with an annoying northerly wind. The regular guitarist couldn’t make it (he was overbooked), and Pete’s daughter Roux was just getting over a cold. The sub guitarist, Jimmy, was still very good. He’s currently touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

About 20 or so extra people came out to brave the rather uncomfortable wind. Next gig they do, they’ll have a heated tent.

Come one come all!

If you haven’t already made plans for Friday (the 22nd) evening, you might be interested in this.

Friday night: 7PM
Bar opens at: 5PM

I stumbled across this extremely enjoyable band on a random Thursday walk around Hoboken back in August. Pete B and the Corporate Raiders were playing at the Shipyard Marina on 13th St. They picked insanely great tunes to cover, and I was amazed that they had such a sparse crowd. You don’t get to hear cover bands play songs like that often. Some very popular, but some you haven’t heard in years, and they do a kick-ass job. The guitarist is superb, and did Van Halen’s Eruption perfectly.

They don’t play full time, as they have regular jobs, but rather because they have fun and passion for what they do. They play some corporate events, from what I gathered in my short conversation with Pete.

Pete’s daughter Roux will participate in many songs as well. She is an incredible talent, and only 15 years old.

I rarely make recommendations, but it’d be nice to see a good sized crowd come out for a few hours to start the weekend off on good note. The weather is expected to be very comfortable with no chance of rain. Why not chill out on the pier, enjoy the great views of NYC, have a few cold beers and listen to a great band?

Hope to see some of you there! You will not be disappointed!

marina%20building - Friday Music at the Marina
pete b and the corporate raiders 2 - Friday Music at the Marina

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Thanks. I’ll try to make it over there.


last time they played till around 10. But I think they ended early because there was not a big audience and it was a thursday night.


Does anyone know how late they play? I’d like to check them out but won’t be getting home from work until 8:30pm or so.


Sounds like a GREAT IDEA!
I’ll be there. Thanks for the heads up!