ANOTHER uptown fire!!

This time at 1100 Washington Street on the top floor.

Here’s what it looked like the day after:
1100 washington fire next day - ANOTHER uptown fire!!

Calls were coming is around 9:32pm from multiple panicky people. I rushed to the scene and the fire trucks had already arrived, crowd was gathering and firemen were beginning to attach the hoses to the hydrants.

The fire truck ladder raised and started smashing windows while a crew went inside with a hose. Once they blasted all three windows out, flames started coming out of the window with the air conditioner in it. Seemed like that could have been the cause?

They hit the fire from the interior and didn’t need to go in via the ladder.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. Canon Powershot SD450 NOT a good night time camera (it’s my backup).

fire 1100 wash 1 - ANOTHER uptown fire!!
fire 1100 wash 2 blurry - ANOTHER uptown fire!!

At least one person was treated for smoke inhalation on the scene.

fire 1100 wash smoke inhalation - ANOTHER uptown fire!!

Not sure if there were any other serious injuries, as it seemed to be extinguished rather fast and it luckily didn’t spread to other floors. Not sure the amount of water damage that may have unfortunately been caused to the tenants in the lower floors.

The owner of the Buy Rite liquor store on the ground floor owns the entire building and is known to be a very good landlord. Several tenants who lived in the building were seen on the sidewalk distraught and very nervous about the fire, as anyone understandably would be.

Is this rash of fires in these brownstones (Helmers, 11th and Bloom, 14th and Garden, and now this) due to outdated electrical wiring? If you’re a landlord or brownstone owner, you may want to seriously evaluate whether replacing the wires is the right thing to do.

Update 11:22pm: The HFD has determined the building unsafe to occupy at the moment and the residents have to find somewhere else to stay, while the investigation continues. They were allowed in to get their valuables and other personal belongings. What a terrible feeling it must be to be displaced from your home. Hopefully they’ll be able to go back soon.

There was a drug den on the top floor indeed! So many marijuana plants and paraphernelia that it required TWO city vans to remove from the apartment! Not sure if any other drugs were being made/distributed from that unit. Stay tuned for further updates if I get them before the papers. Otherwise check your newsstand.


Here’s where the fire breaks out of the building:

After they started applying water:

The owner of the building, obviously concerned:

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