Daylight Bank Robbery!

See some scene photos below:

About 15 minutes ago, a “very” black male, about 5’7″-5’9″, salt and pepper hair, plus some facial hair wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt robbed Haven Savings Bank on 621 Washington Street. He took an unknown amount of cash from the bank.

He bolted out and ran southbound on Bloomfield St. The police are now in the area because he was last seen in the 5th and Bloomfield vicinity. A construction worked who witnessed the suspect go by said he was “completely out of breath”.

They’re currently searching the area including the Homeless Shelter on 3rd (no luck) and the PATH train.

Will they catch him? Stay tuned if I get updates.

Update: They think they know who it might have done it, but I’m not going to put the name and address until I’m certain. It was someone from Jersey City, they believe.

3:10 Update: Police have recovered a backpack and a cane that the suspect was seen with right near the bank at 627 Washington St. Unknown what the contents were, and if any/all the money was recovered.

3:18 Update: They peeked into his bag, and this man was apparently homeless. They bag contained the usual things homeless people carry, such as razor blades and such. Still on the loose though.

3:30 Update: The bank has produced photos from the surveillance cameras and has distributed them to the police. They stopped by the library, and he has been know to frequent that location, even as early as this morning. What did he read? “Bank Robberies for Dummies”?

3:35 Update: THEY APPREHENDED HIM! Hiding at 505 Bloomfield Street, with a large amount of cash and his sweatshirt! They’re taking him straight to HQ without beating him first. The name I heard by the way was “Sam Sloan”. Not sure if that was the right one, we’ll see once the Reporter gets the rest of the story and prints it in this weeks edition. My work ends here. There was also something else going on at 530 Hudson, but they wouldn’t say on the air, so I’m not sure it was related. Perhaps wads of cash was spewed along the way, and they didn’t want people like me hearing that. Oh, a funny note, when the actor was caught, he had tried SPRAY PAINTING his face to disguise himself. What color did he use? Rust-Oleum “Middle-Aged Caucasian White”???

Bank closed for the rest of the day:

What seem like his sneakers still lay in the sidewalk:

Location he was nabbed:

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OK heyjoe and Nihil72 I am about to pee my pants I laughed so hard at your posts. CLASSIC.


where’s the crew from Cops when you need them?


He spray-painted his face?! Yowch.