Major Melee at the Elks Club

Tonight, around 11pm or so, a giant melee broke out outside the Elks Club, where there was a “Birthday Party” for an unknown individual. Not sure if the person was from Hoboken or not, but apparently many people from the Projects were in attendance.

Something nutty happened and all of a sudden a full blown street fight broke out. Mutliple people at multiple locations. Ambulances were sent to 936 Washington, as well as 10th and Bloomfield. Additionally, it seems the fight(s) were spread out down to 7th and 8th and Washington all the way down to the Projects. Several individuals were taken to St. Mary Hospital.

As a reader indicated: “there were about 20 kids beating the hell out of someone in the middle of the intersection of 10th and washington. There was some girl screaming like crazy. At least 8 squad cars arrived in about 3 minutes. Stevens and NJ Transit were there too.”

Now, there are roving gangs of people coming from the Housing Projects on their way to the Hospital for some reason. There are packs of people related to this incident spread all over the area, including 11th and Hudson and other locations.

To this minute, fights are still continuing near the projects and other places. OUT OF CONTROL!

Who booked this event at the Elks???

Click below the image for more pictures and videos of the action. Sorry no fights, got there too late!

melee on 10th - Major Melee at the Elks Club

melee on 10th 2 - Major Melee at the Elks Club
melee on 10th 3 - Major Melee at the Elks Club

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I have no intention of finding myself in a possition I was in a few years ago when my partner (with a car) was in the hospital for 2 months then a wheelchair. Food shopping and other errands became my responsibility and Peapod became my friend because I had no other choice.

Right now I live within 1 mile from 3 supermarkets. I get a cart and I walk.


I don’t know what NJ laws say about developers setting aside 10% of their units as a.d.u’s but often there is a loophole that works to the developer’s advantage. The developer can agree to set aside 10% of the units but yet doesn’t have to advertise that they are available. So when no one shows up to buy them, the developer then says, “well no one came by to purchase any and now they’ll be going at market rate”.
Journey–I did notice that someone suggested to you that you live by a NJ transit station and my first thought was, ok, that’s good for getting to and from work but what about everyday errands? You’re right–there is more to it than just getting to work in order to live a car free life. Personally, I think it’s great if one can live somewhere and not need a car!


wgenese, I think we are on the same page. From 36 years of life, having a lover that majored in Urban Studies (what you can take in school if you are interested in city planning), a friend that worked for DYFUS in Hudson Co. I think communities that not so polorized between rich and poor are healthier. To all about commuting 2hrs to work. I could have stayed in my home town and commuted by bus to NYC or Philly. It would have meant also coming home after work and being a prisoner of ‘no car’. I would need a ride to the market, dry cleaner, and every other need and service. So when you don’t drive at all, commuting to work is just the begining. You also have to know how to get to the everyday things, the doctor, etc. So living in some suburban town who’s only public transportation goes to the city for the worker bees, is not an option. I grew up in a town with the only buses going to Philly or Atlantic City. If you wanted to work in NYC you had to head north a county and get a bus from Mount Laurel. There was no cab company. I gave my mother heart attacks because I would ride my bike to where I needed to go, including on the Black Horse Pike (before I had a blind spot). Every teenager needs to get a job to support their car, not to save for… Read more »


Just got back from watching my 6 year old daughter playing soccer. Fun to watch. They’re still utilizing bee hive technique at that age. You know, 14 kids all trying to kick the ball at the same time. Anyway, I just read in the Hoboken Reporter that a 100 more units are being considered for a development on 14th street so they can build a movie theatre. I don’t see why they have to put in another 100 units of market rent housing just to build the movie theatre. Well, I do know. I was reading some of the posts from yesterday regarding affordable housing in Hoboken. I often hear about capitalism and letting the market place determine. Sometimes it’s a bit deeper than that. I think that removing a large portion of a demographic in a neighborhood so the developers can make money hand over fist isn’t always a good idea. I don’t know if it’s an urban myth or not but I always used to hear that there was a stipulation for all new developments in Hoboken to provide %10 affordable housing. Catch was/is (if it was/is true) that the developers can “buy out” that clause for a certain price. Of course they all would. They would make back the “buy out” rather quickly. I just bought a 2000 sq. ft. red brick, 3 story town house in Bayonne for $320,000. It’s in good shape and the public school in our district puts up a pretty decent ranking.… Read more »


While doing the dishes I thought about it. Sad that the most interesting thing about me is bisexuality. Hmmm. That cider sounds good and the liqure store is next to the location of my next errand…