Week in Review 9/17/06

An easy to swallow summary of some of the events around Hoboken in the past week or so:

News, items of importance:

Town Government:

  • Mayor Roberts to resign in January
    Are the rumors circulating indeed true? Once he hits year 25, see ya later?


New or Coming Soon:

  • Sushi House Bar and Lounge (uptown)
    This place replacing the Jefferson is coming soon. Despite what other Hoboken websites report, this is not BYOB (hence the “bar” in the name).
  • Fetch-It Pet Store
    With two already in Jersey City, they plan #3 in Hoboken under American Apparel.
  • Pieces of Hoboken boutique
    What seemed to be an ordinary store, has a multi-platinum hip-hop background.
  • A couple new Banks to grace the grounds of Hoboken:
    – An HSBC Bank to open in place of Angela’s/Mira’s hair salon
    – And another one on Washington Street, next to Foot Locker.
  • Rita’s Ice
    Finally opened with about a week left in Summer.
  • Joey’s BBQ – Updated Info
    Some people like to know when the sandwich and rib place will open.


  • Sorry, not much in terms of doom recently!


Fun, Games and Random Observations:

Town Crime Info:

  • Check the Crime Map
    For updates. It’s been slower than usual now that “school” started (if that’s what you even want to call it!)

– 9/10/2006
– 9/03/2006
– 8/27/2006
– 8/20/2006

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