Pigskin Hot Spots in Hoboken


nfl-football-in-hoboken.jpgContinuing this thread started back in September of last year, a new reader “Seamus” was interested to hear about the various sports bars in Hoboken. Now’s a better time than ever to start this up again. With College Football starting today, and NFL kicks off next Thursday. Any new spots popping up?

I know we have the Steelers fans over at Texas Arizona, and the Philly fans over at Mulligans, and I think Dallas had a club somewhere. This, on top of the local Giants and Jets games. Anywhere other noteworthy places to “down” some beers?

411 reader “Sullyx” does his scouting report and notes:

Football season is around the corner and I think we need to do a scouting of the best sports bar in town. There’s been a lot of changes to some places

  1. Mcbrides installed all brand new flat screens doubling the old ones in the front bar,
  2. The Dubliner ripped out the old 2nd floor bar and installed a huge wall length bar
  3. The Shannon has added even more flat screens and is the only bar in town equipped with table top receivers allowing you hear the sound on any game you choose
  4. I noticed 8th Street removed the old cooler that sat below their dart board. Whether or not removing that old annoying cooler has anything to do with football season, its still an improvement.

Reader “Joe B.” also asked about the NFL Network too:

“Do you have a list of bars in Hoboken that carry the NFL network. We tried Black Bear and they didn’t have it, which was surprising and then ended up at Texas Arizona. Any others?”


Now that football season is here in full swing, we’d like to know where, if anywhere, you might go to watch Sunday football, if at all?

If you are a football fan, do you go to a friends house who might have NFL Sunday Ticket? Are you a season ticket holder for your favorite team? Do you cram into a local bar? Are you affiliated with a club or fan base that might gather somewhere? Re-arrange your sock drawer?

We’d like to know. Feel free to comment.

Here’s the scene on the first Thursday of the football season 10 days ago at Black Bear. It was packed wall to wall on both floors. And this was just ONE game.


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strand tramp
strand tramp

all of them on 1st


Real simple question here, what bars have Direct TV so I can watch the Villanova game in its entirety? Anybody know for sure?

The Shannon
The Shannon

The Shannon has both the ESPN College GamePlan and Big Ten packages that can be seen on 17 HD televisions. We also have Beat the Clock Saturdays with Miller Lite draft starting at $.50 and going up $.50 every hour with Pints remaining at $2 until 9 pm. There are Bucket and Pitcher specials also until 9:00. Luck of the Draw dart tournament starts at 3:00. $10 to register and the bar matches 50% of the pot.


Are there any LSU fans out there?


What bars in town have the ESPN College Gameplan package? Any ideas?