The juveniles are back

This time harrassing customers coming in and out of the Boston Market on 5th and Washington.

They’ve been pretty quiet during the week lately. I guess they come out and “play” on the weekend.

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By the way – there was a group of about 15 of them out last night between 4 & 5 on the West Side of Washington (around 7:15 or so). They were pushing each other, and being obnoxious, but I didn’t notice them threatening people. A few hours later when I walked by again, they were gone.


truer words have never been spoken.


This is sure to start a whole week worth of “Big Brother” debating…but how about some simple police cameras around town?
Once again, it all comes back to the authority in Hoboken WANTING to get involved.

And as a side, having lived here for 10 years now, I have begun to realize there is probably no more thugs, punks, fires, etc. than there were in years past (since the town had it’s revival), it’s just my addiction to this website that has put it all in my face everyday. i assume that is true for most of us.


I fing hate these kids. The other night when I was parking my truck, two hoods on one bike jumped the curb and nearly smashed into me.

It was dark so I didn’t see the lil f’rs coming and I am kind of saddened I did not hit them. That would be two less problems we would have to deal with.

I know how frustrating it is though, how when the cops are around, they usually start behaving…. I am constantly on the phone with the cops trying to get them to disipline these kids when I see them walking on peoples car roof’s or screaming in the streets. Unfortunatly, it’s too late by the time I call. This is why they all need to be removed either to JC or wherever, I don’t care. Stay out of my community. Period.


yeah- the cops have even said to me that it’s hard for them to break anything up, because the kids see them and suddenly start behaving and usually are polite to the cops…. Until they leave, then they go back to being a bunch of miscreants…
Surely, there has to be a way to stop this cycle! haha, this is almost comical- we, a group of adults, victimized by a bunch of 14-15 year olds hurling insults, coins, and cold cuts at us as we try to walk by (minding our own business all the while)…