Drunk cab rider

at 8th and Park, a drunk and disorderly passenger had some kind of fracas with a cabbie. Smashing his windows, throwing bottles and threatening to kill him.

Not sure why. I guess cheap beer had something to do with it?

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I dated a loser who got arrested for being a drunk jerk to a cab driver, plus he got booked for resisting arrest. I took my sweet sweet time that night getting to the police HQ to pick that f*cker up when they called me to come get him. In retrospect, I should have just left him there… A-hole, indeed.


That’s awesome. Really, get drunk and bitch out the guy who’s going to drive you home-good form! I hope the cab company has caller ID and distributes the kid’s number to all Hoboken cab companies. This will result in the kid walking for the rest of his/her time in town. What an a-hole.


Maybe it was the alcoholic father of his inner child?